10 Questions for… Jessie Jazz Vuijk

10 Questions for… Jessie Jazz Vuijk

On december 20th the finals of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant will take place. The Netherlands will be represented by the beautiful blond bombshell Jessie Jazz Vuijk, Miss Nederland 2015.  The finals will take place in Las Vegas. It is for the 5th time the finals will take place on the Las Vegas strip. The first time was back in 1991, when Paulien Huizinga became 2nd runner-up at the Miss Universe pageant.
Miss Vuijk will have a hard act to follow as Yasmin Verheijen, Miss Nederland Universe 2015, became 3rd runner-up last year. It was Yasmin who asked Jessie to enter the Miss Nederland pageant as we will find out in the interview.
Jessie Jazz is from Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is located in the province of Noord Holland. In fact she is the 3rd woman in a row from that province who is going to the Miss Universe pageant to represent the Netherlands.

Already in Las Vegas but still, who is Jessie Jazz??

We asked her 10 question….


Who is Jessie Jazz?
Jessie Jazz is a young woman, living in the vibrant city of Amsterdam and she is always searching for new adventures. I am always curious about the story behind a person and I see myself as someone who stand well in life.

Why did you decide to enter the Miss Nederland 2015 pageant?
Did you expect to win?
It crossed my path one day, I had a job, working together with Yasmin (Miss Universe Netherlands 2014). Yasmin told me that they were looking for new girls for the next year, and she insisted that I should enter. After some considerations I decided to enter and to see where this adventure would end. On beforehand I was not busy with winning, for me it would have been a miracle if I was in the finals. This happened eventually! Since my time as a finalist I discovered how well “ being a beauty queen” suited me.

How did you grow in the course of the Miss Nederland 2015
pageant and how will you use that in the rest of your life?
I have the idea that I have grown in several aspects, but the most important point for me is that I dare to take chances. What I mean by that is that I don’t have to be scared, because then you hold yourself back. Dare to be yourself and go for it!
This is off course a lesson that you will take for the rest of your life.

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How did you prepare for the Miss Universe pageant? What did you have to work the most on and what did you need to work on the least?
Of course going to the gym, despite the fact that I am content about my body, I want to get as much out of it as possible. That’s why I stay in close contact with my dietician, not to loose weight,but to get more energy and to build muscles. Besides that I had english lessons, catwalk training and I am busy searching for all my outfits for Miss Universe!

Just after your crowning, a dog was named after you, can you
tell us more about that?
We immediately get to my Beauty with a Purpose cause. The dog who was named after me is still a pup, but will be trained to be a service dog. Hulphond Nederland is an organization which is committed to people with different problems. It can be a woman who cannot go outside because of her physical defects but also a child who has suffered traumas and thus cannot attend school. In both cases a service dog can make a huge difference. Hulphond is a collaboration between human and dog, that is very special!


At Miss Nederland your talent was DJ-ing, why did you choose
I chose the DJ act, because I wanted to show something really different which also suits the Netherlands, modern and fun to watch. I never considered being a DJ as a talent, it was more for fun at family affairs.

Still I am glad that I showed this talent that evening!

What will your national gift be?
That will be in the line of my talent. I will bring an earphone-set. Completely pimped by Eduardo Liem from Baroqco Jewels, who also designed the Miss Nederland crown and the Miss Universe Germany crown.


Besides winning the title of Miss Nederland 2015, what is the one thing you accomplished in your life, you are most proud of and why?
I always consider this a difficult question…

I always wanted to live in Amsterdam and built a life with people who suit me and inspire me to get the best out of me. After 2 years living in Amsterdam, I have a special group of friends surrounding me and I do things I enjoy. This is so precious to me and I may be proud of myself, isn’t it? 🙂

In the Miss Nederland program book, we read that your motto is: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. How do you live your life through/with that motto?
This is a very important lesson in life to me. There is nothing more scary than doing something you don’t dare to do, but just doing that, you meet people you otherwise wouldn’t meet, you come in places you otherwise wouldn’t have seen and you are on the way to your dreams. I rather take risks than waiting on the side in my safe haven.

What message do you have for the world?
Nothing is crazy enough, do what you secretly dream of and stay close to yourself. Keep looking around where you can help and share your smile !

Jessie Jazz


We would really like to thank Kim Kötter and Jessie Jazz for taking he time in their busy schedule to answer our 10 questions.


1 & 6:

Photography: Hans Pedersen
Dress: Pearl Couture
Jewels: Baroqco Jewels


Photography: William Rutten


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