10 Questions for…. Qusay Alobaidi

10 Questions for…. Qusay Alobaidi

Qusay Alobaidi is no stranger in the world of beauty pageants in the Netherlands. He was Mister Pearl in 2013 and he was a finalist at the Mister International 2014 pageant. Stefan and Robin of 12 Months of Beauty, who were judges at the Miss and Mister Pearl 2013 pageant spotted him during this event. They asked him this to be the first representative for the Netherlands at the Mister Global pageant. This male pageant will be held for the third time.

Like to know him better? We asked him 10 questions

KJ Photography | Qusay 3
Who is Qusay and what are the 3 words that describe you best?

Qusay is a Iraqi born but Netherlands raised young man who loves everything that has to do with fashion, events and sports.
3 words that would describe me best are: energetic, honest and charismatic

When and what made you decide to enter the world of pageants?

I decided to try pageants because after a long time of doing modelling jobs I wanted to try something else. And then three years ago I was asked to enter a local (provincial) pageant and I participated and actually also won the title of Mr.Pearl 2013.

How will you be preparing for the international pageant?

I improved my runway walk, I watched some pageant video’s and I trained a lot in the gym with a strict diet to improve my body.

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What will be your best asset to win the international pageant? What do you have to work on the most?

I think my personality is my biggest strength. I can easy socialize and get along with everyone. I think waking up on time and going to bed early is the one thing that I have to work on haha.

After you participated in some national pageants, you are now also the director of Miss Beauty of Utrecht a preliminary for Miss Beauty of the Netherlands. Did it help you to be a participant at first. What is the thing that people would have told you before you started to organize beauty pageants?

Yes, because I can relate to the participants it helped me more to communicate with them. people use to tell me that it’s just a hobby and maybe a waste of time but I proved those people wrong.

What will you tell the other contestants at Mister Global about the Netherlands that makes you proud to be dutch?

I love the fact that the Netherlands is multi-cultural country where everyone can do whatever he likes. You have the freedom to try and achieve your goals which is the most important thing to get started.

What can you tell the people in the Netherlands about the Mister Global International pageant?

I could tell them it’s a awesome journey that you want to have experienced at least once in your life if you’re interested in fashion/pageants/beauty and the world around it. Also if you love meeting new people and other cultures it’s a great opportunity.

Q2 Q7

What part of Mister Mister Global 2016 you look forward to the most and why?

I think the swimwear round and meeting the Mister Global organization there. I look forward to the swimwear round because I am proud of my strict diet and the many gym sessions that I have been through to prepare myself for the finals. To show everyone a new better version of me.

What is your live’s slogan and how does it implement in your lifestyle?

Do what you love, love what you do.
This slogan is actually how I live my life. I wouldn’t do a thing that I don’t completely 100 % agree with and I always will just do the things I love.

What about Qusay in 10 years ?

Haha I hope married, maybe with a kid or two. And I hope to have my own successful event company by then.

Qusay, thanks for answering the questions.
We wish you the best of luck at Mr Global International 2016.

First 3 photo’s: Khalid Jahangier, make up by Fezila Felicia William

Last 2 photo’s: Robin@12monthsofbeauty

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