10 questions for Mevy Lumamuly, Miss Teen of The Netherlands 2023

10 questions for Mevy Lumamuly, Miss Teen of The Netherlands 2023

At a fully packed Studio 21 in Hilversum, Mevy Lumamuly was crowned Miss Teen of The Netherlands 2023.
Mevy represented the province of Overijssel, as did the winner of Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2023, Noa Claus. For the first time both winners are from one province.
Mevy stood oud in the group as being one of the most friendly girls among the candidates, so there was no surprise when she also won the Miss Congeniality award at the finals.

But who is Mevy? we asked her 10 questions…

Who is Mevy Lumamuly?
Mevy is an 18-year-old girl from Hellendoorn. What I love to do is dancing and sports. Besides that, I am a cheerleader! I have competed in the Olympics and truly loved that. I am someone who always sets a goal for herself. Do what makes you happy and never stop if it makes you happy. That is what I stand for, more positivity. Positivity is the core of everything I do. I believe that a positive mindset and a radiant smile have the power to transform lives and inspire others.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I started my journey with Miss Beauty of Overijssel. It always has been a dream of me. My friends were the ones who told me I really had to do it. At that moment, I thought why not try it and I realized that this was my true passion, something I had always wanted.

Why do you think the judges chose you to be the winner, instead of the other Teens?
I believe the judges chose me because I remained true to myself and could radiate positivity to other contestants. Besides that, I always put my advocacy at the first place. I want to be an example for the younger generation. Positivity is such an important thing and I think that my positivity and mindset also has been a really big help for me in winning the title.

You are a cheerleader champion. Do you think those skills helped you in the national pageant and what skills will you take to the Miss Teen International pageant?
I definitely think my skills as a top-level cheerleader were beneficial. It instilled in me the strength to persevere and the ability to handle tough situations. Despite being naturally positive, cheerleading taught me how to maintain that positivity even when things got challenging. I will undoubtedly carry these skills with me to the Miss Teen International pageant in India next year.

What does disappointment mean to you and how do you deal with it?
I see disappointment as a learning opportunity. It’s okay to feel disappointed, but afterwards, it’s essential to pick yourself up and stay positive. Disappointments can teach valuable lessons. We can learn from disappointments and we need them to grow in live.

Do you think parents should be able to handle the social media from their teenage children? Why or why not?
Allowing parents to manage their teenage children’s social media is not a bad idea, especially considering their age. It’s good to let kids explore, but it’s equally important to protect them from potential social media pitfalls. Social media has beautiful aspects, but also really negative ones. That is why I believe that especially for the mental health of the youth it is never a bad idea to let the parents have a part in it as well.

Who is your role model in life and why?
My role model in life is my mother. She’s always there to support me, stays positive, brightens my spirits when things get tough, and guides me on the right path. Everything she does is with good intentions. I really love her and have learned so much from her, that I hope to learn others as well.

For whom do you want to be a role model, and how?
I aspire to be a role model for everyone, ideally for the entire world. But in particular for the younger generation. I believe a lot of the youth struggle nowadays with everything they have to deal with: the current society, social media, unasked opinions. We all encounter negativity in life, which is why positivity is something EVERYONE needs. How I want to be a role model is by showing the real me. The ups-and-downs and how I cope with that. Nobody is perfect and we don’t need to be. I want to show that whatever happens you can be happy and proud. Turn the negative in the positive and be your own inspiration.

What Barbie are you, and why?
The Barbie from the movie “Princess Charm School” taught me that it’s all about positivity and determination. If you truly desire something, ask for help, remain positive, and utilize all your determination to achieve your goal, just like Barbie found her crown and discovered herself.

What message do you have for your fans and followers?
My message to my fans and followers is: Please don’t let negativity stand in your way. View disappointments as learning experiences, take them positively, and keep moving forward! Stay true to yourself and never lose yourself, even when it feels like everything is falling apart. Don’t succumb to negativity – everyone deserves happiness, and positivity is the key. Spend time in nature, cherish your loved ones, and be authentic – that’s when you’ll be at your happiest.

Thank you Mevy for answering our 10 questions, it is a pleasure to get to know you a little better. We wish you all the best during your reign. 
Also a big shout out to Nikki Prein for making these answers possible.

Photos: Roy Froma and the light portraits



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