10 questions for Ilyas Chaouki, Mister International Netherlands 2023

10 questions for Ilyas Chaouki, Mister International Netherlands 2023

Ilyas Chaouki is Mister International Netherlands 2023 and wil represent The Netherlands at the up coming Mister International 2023, held in Thailand.
Since the owner of Mister International, Alan Sim died last year the new owner is Pradit Pradinunt, who is also the founder of Mister Global.
Mister International is one of the grand slam male beauty pageants in the world.
A national pageant in The Netherlands has been successfully organized by Lyron Martina since 2014.

But who is Ilyas? we asked him 10 questions.

Who is Ilyas Chaouki?
Ilyas Chaouki is a half Dutch half Moroccan adolescent man and is 21 years of age. He is a social and intelligent young man who likes to challenge himself both mentally as physically. He is confident in who he is, works hard and is focused, does not walk away when things get hard and stands his ground. Next to that he is a good vriend and exceptionally well in putting his thoughts and emotions into words. –
Why and when did you decide to enter the world of male beauty pageants?
Had a few modeling jobs for restaurants I work at and really liked those. Then one day at the beginning of 2023 I received a message from the Mister International Netherlands instagram page stating I looked like a worthy contestant for both the national and international stage. I really like to explore new paths in life and saw this opportunity as a once in a lifetime chance to learn and see al about the male beauty pageantry world, so I grabbed it with both hands and now I won’t let go! –
How do you prepare for the international competition?
What do you have to work the most on? I prepare by working out for my physical appearance, next to that is getting in the rhythm of preforming on stage. So rehearsing poses, looks and walking routines. I think most work will go into getting the details right.

What do you expect from your participation in the international competition, and from the international competition itself?
I am preparing to give the Netherlands their best representative ever, so hopefully I can make that happen. I expect the competition itself to be overwhelming at first due to the difference in how male beauty pageants are perceived. But after that it will be really enjoyable and an incredible experience.
The pageant will be held in Thailand, the land of smiles. What makes you smile and why?
Being around friend and family, because they are great people and I love them very much.
Thailand is an absolutely beautiful country to visit, what or who are you looking for the most to see or to meet, and why?
I know Thailand has a lot of temples to worship their Gods, so I truly look forward to visit one of those amazing works of art.
What will you tell the other contestants at Mister International about the Netherlands that makes you proud about your country?
The fact that such a small country has so much knowledge spread al around the globe truly amazes me. I’m also proud on how well the infrastructure is managed and the social safety net there is.


What dish is a real Ilyas dish, and why?
A Moroccan tajin, it represents half of my nationality. And I especially like that it looks amazing but you have to eat it with you hands. So it’s a mix of classy and getting your hands dirty and of course the tast is amazing.
What about Ilyas Chaouki in 10 years ?
10 years is such a long time from now I really can not give you a clue of what my life will be like then. But what I can tell you is that I will improve myself everyday as much as I can, so hopefully in 10 years time I can look back at this moment and say that 21 year old me can proudly look up to the man I have become.
Do you have a message for your fans all around the world?
Never be to proud to try new things, keep in mind that failure doesn’t exist only learning. First of all believe in yourself. Go get it!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our 10 questions, Ilyas and we wish you all the best of luck at the finals of Mister International later this year!
Also a big thank to Lyron, for all your hard work!!
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