Miss International Netherlands/Miss Beauty All Stars

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Miss International Netherlands/Miss Beauty All Stars

Miss Beauty of The Netherlands gained the license for the Miss International beauty pageant this year.  For the crowning of Miss International Netherlands 2023 they came up with a new pageant: The Miss Beauty All Stars. At this pageant only former provincial or national titleholders of Miss Beauty of The Netherlands can participate.
Although the last national director lost the license, she had some great participants with the highest placement in 2013, when Nathalie den Dekker became 1st runner-up. In 2019, Elize de Jong became her last entry. She placed as a semi-finalist and won the Miss Europe award.
Last year we were all surprised and somewhat shocked, when Marisol Soliana, who was crowned Miss International Netherlands 2022, did not participate at the pageant the end. We saw her later in “Temptation Island” on dutch television. Somewhat strange is the fact that Marisol had tried her luck in several regional and national pageants and the moment she wins she decides not to go.

Miss International started in 1960, when Miss Universe decided to leave Long Beach to continue the pageant in Miami Beach.
The pageant stayed in Long Beach until 1967 and returned only one time in 1971. After 1967 the pageant was hosted mainly in Japan, But after 2004 the pageant was also hosted in China and one time in Macau (2008).
The pageant still belongs to the top 6 Grand Slam pageant. Some years ago there were some doubts wether the pageant could still cold their top position. But a long time history and some changes in the format proved that they are still among the big pageants.
One of the latest changes is that from this year on there will be no swimsuit segment at the final of the pageant. The girls physics will be evaluated behind closed doors.

The Netherlands have a kind of hate – love relationship with the pageant. The first years were quite successful with Stanny van Baer winning the title in 1961 and a top 5 finalist placement for Rina Lodders in 1962. After 1965 until the 80’s we only placed once in 1975. The 80’s were a quit successful period for the dutch girls at international pageants. In 1985, Jacqueline Shuman placed as 2nd runner-up and we placed in 1983 and 1986.
From 1996 until 2008 we only participated once, in 2001. In 2009 Roline Hund was crowned Miss International Netherlands 2009 in Claus Event Centre. This was so far the only time a real pageant was held to crown the representative for the Miss International pageant. But this will change this year. On September 2nd in Zoetermeer we will witness the crowning of Miss International Netherlands 2023.

The Beauty All Stars for this years pageant are:

  • Natasha Postma, Drenthe
  • Kimberley IJsbrandij, Flevoland
  • Anke de Jong, Friesland
  • Anne Brouwer, Gelderland
  • Christina Lazaros, Groningen
  • Indy Thomas, Limburg
  • Anne Loerakker, Noord Brabant
  • Sophie Egberink, Noord Holland
  • Jasmijn Arnold, Overijssel
  • Morgan Doelwijt, Utrecht
  • Patricia van Klinken, Zeeland
  • Jill Hermans, Zuid Holland

One of these beauties will be crowned and go to Japan and make our country proud!

We will of course follow the pageant on our socials.

on the pictures:

  • Stanny van Baer crowned Miss International 1961
  • Renkse van der Berg at Miss International 1964
  • Brigitte Bergman showing the dutch national costume in 1983
  • Nathalie den Dekker being first runner-up in 2013
  • The Miss Beauty All Stars for 2023
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