10 Questions for Michantely Lisse, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands 2023

10 Questions for Michantely Lisse, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands 2023

Miss Holland Now is proud to announce the new Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands.
She is …. Michantely Lisse.
Miss Holland Now has the honor to have the first interview with Michantely as the new Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands. She will represent our country at Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2023 in India.
Michantely is the predecessor of Kaylee Portegies Zwart, who became first runner-up at the international finals of this pageant.
The dutch license holder is Leila Onyeagbako. Who is a well know name in the dutch beauty pageant world and as international pageant presenter.

Although Michantely is just 23 years old, she is already a real pageant veteran. We saw her winning Miss Teen of Noord Holland 2017, and participating in Miss Teen of The Netherlands of that same year, where she won the Miss Popularity award and became a top 5 finalist.

After her participation as a finalist at the Miss Grand Netherlands pageant in 2018, she was asked by Tropical Beauty Suriname to represent Suriname at the Miss Asia Pacific 2018 pageant in the Philipines.
In 2019 Michantely participated in Miss Amsterdam, where she became 3rd runner up.
Michantely is known for her dedication for every pageant she entered. We know she will never let you down.

Let’s get to know her better and ask her 10 questions…

Who is Michantely Lisse?

My name is Michantely Lisse; I am twenty-three years old and live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I would describe myself as creative, ambitious, and open-minded. I am a model and student at the University of Applied Sciences, where I’m doing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Business. Besides my study, I work at a large Dutch bank called ABN AMRO Mees Pierson. An absolute difference from my studies. Still, I absolutely love learning more about finances and accounting. I am planning on starting an online web shop soon specializing in ponytails and hair extensions, so that this knowledge will be very useful to me in the future.

Singing is one of my favorite hobbies. Something people don’t usually expect of me is that I have a passion for gaming. I mainly play ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘The Last of Us’. Pretty much everyone I speak to empowers me to start streaming. Who knows, I might just do this too! I think it is important that everyone can make their dreams come true I truly believe everyone has a talent that could be useful to society, but in reality, it can be really difficult to find a starting point and figure out the best ways to exploit these talents. I would like to become a role model to people who sometimes struggle to believe in themselves by realizing my dreams despite all the setbacks in life. I want to give these people a stage with the platform of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands/ Miss Supermodel Worldwide offers me

When and why did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

Both my grandmother and my mother have a beauty pageant background. My grandmother participated in Miss Surinam in 1974, and my mother did two pageants: Putri Manis in 1992 and Miss Alida in 2000. The first time I registered for a beauty pageant was in 2017. The reason I participated in Miss Teen of Noord-Holland was for my personal growth. From a quiet girl to a confident woman who steps out of her comfort zone and takes to the stage.  I won this provincial pageant and was allowed to represent the province of Noord-Holland in the national pageant Miss Teen of The Netherlands, where I reached the Top 5. I won the subtitle of Miss Popularity of The Netherlands through support from family, friends, and outside. I shared many flyers in the center of Amsterdam, appeared in two local newspapers, did several media interviews, and shared a lot online via social media in order to get the subtitle. I will always hold dear memories of that time, and I enjoyed speaking to all kinds of people in the process. I chose to participate in Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands because I felt like it was the right pageant for me to gain more experience as a miss and model.

You are an experienced beauty queen; what will you take with you to this pageant that was successful in your previous pageants?

I look forward to bringing my catwalk- and dancing experience to the Miss Supermodel Worldwide stage. I always wear 5.5-to-6.2-inch heels and have heard I have a pretty strong catwalk which I am proud of. I have learned how to present myself on stage and during a visit. During my time in pageants, I have learned a lot about social media, and I am excited to enjoy every moment of my time as Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands and capture it all for everyone to see. I am very determined and self-disciplined and I plan on bringing my big smile with me everywhere I go!

How are you preparing for this international competition?

The organization of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands has provided me with a lot of support and guidance. Everyone is involved in making sure I feel comfortable and well-prepared. The national director, Leila Onyeakbako, and team member Claudia Nzeba are experienced pageant queens and models who are teaching me all the ins- and outs of these industries. 

The other team member, Valerie van den Berg, takes care of my media training and my social media strategy. I plan on sharing a lot about my journey soon with ‘#RoadtoMissSupermodelWorldwide,’ to inspire more girls to participate in a beauty pageant. I also plan on going live on TikTok, where girls can ask questions about my experience and the pageant. 

Even the previous Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands, Kaylee Portegies Zwart, has been very involved in my journey to Miss Supermodel Worldwide in India- where she placed second last year. She has been taking care of my workout regimen throughout her personal training company I’Mbitious and provided me with a nutritious meal plan to help me feel good. People often think pageantry only consists of competitiveness and catfights, but this really shows that in reality everyone is always willing to help others grow. 

Last but certainly not least, I have received catwalk training from Lyron Martina. Lyron is the national director of Mister International Netherlands and a true legend in Dutch pageantry for his amazing catwalk skills. He has been teaching me all the best walks and poses to improve my catwalk.

My main point of focus now is to plan everything well- I find this very important as it ensures peace and order.

What is the difference between a beauty queen and a model in your opinion? And do you consider yourself more a beauty queen or a model?

I consider myself to be more of a beauty queen. As a Miss, you are an example to many who look up to you and are socially engaged. You need to have a voice where you can speak for others who can’t do it themselves and lend a hand to charities. During the process of a beauty pageant, you spend much time networking at events, and you can really be yourself. You can grow as a person in a pageant and improve your communication and presentation skills. As a pageant queen, it’s important to walk a stage with a smile and, above all, ENJOY

Who is your role model in the modeling world, and why?

Winnie Harlow (Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young) is my role model in the modeling world. She remained strong despite all the negative comments about her appearance and never lost herself in the process. She has become a spokesperson inspiring other models with a unique appearance. I love that she opened doors for several people with the same skin condition in the modeling world. 

This inspires me because I  want to achieve a similar goal. Giving a stage to people who don’t usually get the chance to shine on TV. As a little girl, I wanted to be an actress, but I closed that door after many auditions where I kept hearing there wasn’t enough demand for an actress like me. I think many talents don’t always fit into the stereotypical images often portrayed in the media. I like that there has been a clear change in recent years, and I would love to contribute to the diversification of media talents and role models

What is the dish that describes you the most and why?

If I were a dish, I would be my favorite Dutch cookie, a plate of ‘stroopwafels.’ I can’t get enough of them! What is so special about the stroopwafel is that it was first made over 200 years ago, from old cookie chips and leftover dough combined with some syrup. Despite the scarce ingredients, I think it is still the tastiest cookie in the Netherlands. What I can take from this is that you don’t need to have all the expensive means to achieve your goal. If you start small with the right people around you, you’ll get there! Speaking of Dutch treats, I absolutely love a good tompouce. These are pastries filled with cream and topped with a layer of bright pink icing. They are a true staple in The Netherlands, and are intricate little treats that can be quite difficult to eat due to the way it’s built. Everyone has their own way of eating a tompouce and there are even many guides that will help people find their preferred way of eating them

What is your legacy?

I want to be remembered as a loving, inspiring, and motivating person who worked super hard to reach her goals and achieved them through inner strength, perseverance, and being socially engaged. Being an ambitious and hard worker, I always think about my next goal to achieve. I like setting a high bar for myself and enjoy the process of learning while on my way to the goalpost.  I’d also like to be remembered as a woman helping others in need.

What message do you have for your pageant fans?

First of all, I’d like to say that I am always very grateful for everyone who supports me and follows my pageant journey. I plan on showing them everything about my time as Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands through social media.

I want to make them proud and show the best of me in the international pageant in India. My life quote is, “Don’t dream your life, Live your dreams. Be yourself and continue to fulfill your dream, despite all the setbacks.” I have a vision board that I look at daily to give me the strength to achieve my goals.

What about Michantely in 10 years?

In ten years, I will be graduated and will have received my Bachelor of Arts. I hope to have a successful business, a lovely dog, and a house in The Netherlands. I plan on enjoying life and visiting different countries to explore new cultures. With my pageant background, I hope to organize a beauty pageant and train potential misses like I have been trained. This way, they can inspire others and contribute to social activities that suit their advocacy. I also plan to have a large platform for various actors and models in The Netherlands. Most importantly, I want to make my parents and family proud of what I have accomplished to achieve my goals with the hope of also being an example for young people.

We would like to wish Michantely and her organization al the best of luck at the international finals. Like to know how she will do and follow her at her international journey? Just follow us at our social media canals.

Thank you Michantely for taking the time to answer these questions in such a great way.
Also a big thanks to Leila, who gave us the honor to make this announcement and as Michantely 10 questions


Photo: SMD Photography
Make-up: Daphne de Falco
Hair : Touched Hairplace
Styling: Leila Onyeagbako 


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