10 Questions for Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2018 and Miss Earth Netherlands 2018, Margaretha de Jong

10 Questions for Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2018 and Miss Earth Netherlands 2018, Margaretha de Jong

When you read these 10 questions for Margaretha de Jong, she is already on her way to the Philippines or apse already landed and has started road to the crown of Miss Earth.
Margaretha was crowned first Miss Beauty of Friesland and then she won the overall crowns and the ticket to Manila.
She was crowned baby the beautiful Faith Landman, who was a big favoriet among the fans last year and became the first dutch girl to be a top 8 finalist at the International pageant.

Just before the plane took of we asked Margaretha 10 questions

Who is Margaretha de Jong?

I’m 21 years old and I’m from Friesland. I study to become a higher educated nurse and I do this through the honors program of our school. My hobbies are sports and traveling, beside that I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I would describe myself as a happy, caring and dedicated person.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

This is my first beauty pageant ever. I came across a Facebook message where Miss Beauty of Friesland was searching for contestants. I got myself some information about beauty pageants and of course about Miss Earth.  I really felt connected with Miss Earth, because I’m a huge nature lover and I loved the idea of Miss Earth using our voice for creating environmental awareness. So for that reason I signed myself up. 

In the national pageant you also won the title Miss Charity award. How did you manage to win the title, and can you tell us something more about the charity?

I’m really passionate about charity and volunteering because I think it is really important that we care and help each other. I used to volunteer at the foodbank and volunteered when I was in Brazil. When I heard that we were going to raise money for charity, from the start I was really enthusiastic. Because of that, I did several actions to raise money. I jumped in a frozen lake where a lot of sponsors payed money for the charity for. I also did a charity walk with 100 children of the elementary school. 

Why do you think the judges chose you to be the winner?

From the beginning I made my goal clear, I would love to win the title. I was aware that I didn’t had the experience and knowledge that it would take to win. But I was so dedicated that in just a short time, I grew a lot. During the final of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands, I really rocked it, which is the reason that I was chosen to be the winner. Besides that, I think that the judges saw what I was capable of in such a short time and saw the potency in me to do a great job during Miss Earth 2018. 

How did you prepare for the international pageant? What do you have to work the most on?

If I do something I want do it great, so for that reason I’m going really prepared to Miss Earth. I prepare myself everyday by working on my advocacy which is all about creating environmental awareness. Besides that I spend a lot of time on photoshoots, video shoots, the Q&A round and keeping myself fit for Miss Earth 2018.

Of course you want to win the Miss Earth title, but which element of Miss Earth (earth, water, fire and air) suits you best and why?

I would say Earth. The Earth is our mother whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. 

What are you looking forward to most, in the international pageant, and why?

I can’t wait to meet all the delegates for Miss Earth2018, they all seem to be really kind. Besides that I just can’t wait to experience the adventures that Miss Earth 2018 is going to offer me.

What will you tell the other contestants about preservation of the earth in the Netherlands?

I will tell them that I’m really proud to represent The Netherlands since we have a lot to offer when it comes to engineering high tech solutions for the environmental problems that we are facing these days. For example, the Dutch Boyan Slat, who has just launched system001 after 5 years of research, engineering and testing. His passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half of the great garbage patch in just 5 years’ time.

What makes you a typical Dutch woman and how will you use that in the international pageant?

People will notice that I’m a typical Dutch woman for being really down to earth, I will use this as my strength in Miss Earth because I will never change my attitude, I always keep on respecting people for we are all humans.

What about Margaretha in 10 years?

Well, of course I hope that I can say that I was that Miss Earth 2018; that did an excellent job in using her voice to protect our earth. Besides that I hope to continue one of my biggest passions, helping people as a nurse.

We want to wish Margaretha all the best of luck and thank her for these answers! Also a big thank to Milou and Charina of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands..


photo 1, 2 and 5: Marco ter Beek
photo 3: Martin ’18 




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