10 Questions for Miss Holland International 1980

10 Questions for Miss Holland International 1980

Through our new technology and social media, we are coming across many dutch queens from the past, like the lovely Jacqueline Boertien, who represented our country in the Miss International 1980 pageant.
Jacqueline was 2nd runner up at Miss Holland 1980, and thus won the title of Miss Holland International 1980.
We started chatting on social media with Jacqueline and we asked if she would like to answer our 10 questions. She responded very enthusiastically and she immediately went to search in her photo album for the most precious photos.
She spoke very passionate about that period in her life as a beauty queen and as a performer. She passed her beauty on to her children. Her daughter Chelina, who nowadays is a very popular DJ, participated in Miss Nederland 2002 as Miss Noord Holland.

Do you like to learn more about Jacqueline, read on …


Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
It all began in my birthplace Gouda. I was asked by an acquaintance Joop Bruystens, who owned a clothing store, to walk in a fashion show for his shop. During that show, there was also a preliminary for Miss Teenage and I was asked to participate. I thought that should be fun and exciting and I was crowned Miss Gouda.
Soon followed Miss Teenage. During this pageant, there were some doubts about my age.
I was 17 but looked a bit older.
I became 3rd, with the emphasis that I should participate in Miss Holland; I would do great there.


What is the most memorable moment of the Miss Holland 1980 pageant and why? Was it all what you expected it to be?
The Miss Holland pageant took place in Rotterdam, in the Hilton Hotel. On the day, make up and hair was taken care of . The dressing room was small. Super-exciting. I enjoyed every moment on stage. This is me. I didn’t become number 1 but it was also great being a runner up; after all I would go to Tokio, a big adventure. Miss International was now my goal.

How was it to represent the Netherlands at one of the biggest and most important pageants in the world? Please share an anecdote.
It was a great honor to represent the Netherlands. My evening gowns and bathing suits I took along myself. And I got a costume from Volendam to take along. For the charity auction I took along a big Gouda cheese. And for all 45 girls I brought along small delfts blue clogs, handprinted by my mother


If you were a young woman now, would you participate in a beauty pageant?
Why or why not?
I would certainly participate again. It’s a great experience, you learn a lot about etiquette and communicating with others. It made me more secure about myself and I was given the chance as a 17 year old to see more from the world.

You have been a performer with the famous Penny de Jager Ballet, tell us something about that period.

As a 15 year old, I entered the Penney de Jager Dance group. I taught dance in different parts of the country. We performed every week at AVRO’s TopPop and with several artists. We were also well known in Germany. The Women’s Lipstick Show for the army, Willem Ruis Show etc. I worked for her for 5 years, and after that I decided to start my own Dance school in Schoonhoven.
In the meantime I had my own dance group, with which I won the Soundmixshow with much pride. After that I worked as a freelancer for Hollands Show Ballet and in Germany on fairs.
5 years ago I performed with Penney at the 50 Plus Fair for 2000 people. Unexpected with old colleagues.

Your daughter participated in Miss Nederland 2002, as Miss Noord Holland and today she is a successful DJ. What advice did you give her in life?
I always gave her the advice that she should do things she liked. Especially staying herself and get everything out of life. Working hard to accomplish your dreams. Nothing is impossible, the sky is the limit.
Fortunately she not only has outer beauty but also inner beauty.


How is your life different today, than the days when you were a beauty queen?
At the moment I work as a make up artist and beauty advisor. So not so far from my past as a beauty queen. My education at House of Orange and Hairscool brought me great jobs for magazines, models and brides. I also like giving advice to people and teaching at make up workshops. It will always be an exciting job and very broad. Beauty: My Love, My Life…

What can we expect from you in the future?
In the future I still hope to do this work, enjoying my children and grandchildren.
Expectations, I hope to stay healthy and enjoying everything crossing my path. You never know what life brings you.

What is the proudest moment in your life and why?
I cannot name 1 moment, there are so many; the pageants, the shows, being number 1 at the Soundmixshow, so many moments I am proud of.
Everything I accomplished I got by working hard and persisting.
At the moment I am proud of my children, how they stand in life and how they have grown into beautiful adults.

What’s one thing we shouldn’t forget about Jacqueline Boertien and why?
I am a woman who lives with a lot of passion. With both feet on the ground, not to forget beautiful legs hihihi.
In life it’s all about the process, not necessarily the outcome. With love and dedication for the business. A skilled woman in heart and soul.

We, from Miss Holland Now, would like to thank Jacqueline for this interview and for the great pictures. We hope to keep on chatting with her and maybe meet her in person in the future.


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