10 questions for Miss Nederland 2019, Sharon Pieksma

10 questions for Miss Nederland 2019, Sharon Pieksma

From the first moment Sharon Pieksma was crowned Miss Nederland 2019, everybody compared her with Angela Visser. Angela was of course our one and only Miss Universe, who was crowned in 1989. So could it happen again after 30 years? Could The Netherlands win one of the most important crowns in the Universe?
After winning the Eurovision song contest this year after almost 45 years, we sure believe we can do just that. So let’s keep our fingers crossed this year.
Sharon Pieksma is not a completely unknown beauty in The Netherlands. She always places high in the FHM500 and made the last 14 of HNTM 2013.

Proud to ask her 10 questions

Who is Sharon Pieksma?

I’m Sharon Pieksma, I’m 24 years old and i was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have a big love and respect for mother nature. I love to travel and see different cultures, people and places where I learn from. I’ve been modeling for 11 years and always had a feeling that I wanted to do something bigger. Since 4 years I found my passion and that’s music. During the years I started to have a bigger desire to do something back for our planet. throughout my travels I’ve seen a lot of plastics and I see that this is a huge problem. That’s how I connected Miss Netherlands and Miss Universe to use this platform to make people more aware about their plastic use. My goal is a world with less plastic.

Why did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

I’ve always watched it when I was younger because my half-sister became Miss Netherlands 2007.  Also, the platform is super strong and big to use it for a good course and make a change for our planet.

You have a lot of followers on social media. Why do you think that’s important for the modern-day beauty pageants?

I don’t think it’s important to have many followers as a beauty pageant. Eventually it is about who you are and how you are from the inside. It’s the total package what you have. And what you can give back to the people and planet. At the end you will create more followers who wants to follow you as their Miss and their Idol because they believe in you.

What do you expect from the international pageant and the other participants?

I expect that these women are very powerful and sweet with a beautiful personality. I’m super excited to meet them, and I would love to hear and see their vision.

What will you tell the other contestants about the Netherlands what they do not know yet?

I have travelled a lot and seen many different countries. And what I love about Holland is the energy. It’s a warm home feeling which is very open and friendly. Everything is cozy and we are very busy with the environment.

If you win Miss Universe, how will you use your title to make a difference in the world?

My goal is a world with less plastic. I will use the title to make people more aware about their plastic use in a positive way. I will show them how it can be done better, and what the solutions are. My country is very busy with the environment and changes for plastic. (The Ocean Cleanup) which is international.  People have the same vision and want the same results. With me as Miss Universe we can make a big move to inspire more people and inspire more countries do as how we do it in the Netherlands.

What can your contribution be to make beauty pageants big in the Netherlands?

Together with the organization we work very hard on showing young girls the power of natural beauty, being yourself and not to be intimidated by social media. If we can accomplice that than much more “sceptics” will see that Miss Nederland stands for a beYoutiful intelligent young woman who can accomplish her dreams and goals wearing the sash. The organization and partners like hannah (skin improvement) help me to tell my story on all kinds of media. Being a part of the Miss NL family is a blessing and will help you in achieving your goals, so it will be noticed.

Many compare you to Angela Visser, Miss Universe 1989 from the Netherlands. What are you going to do, to bring back the Miss Universe crown to the Netherlands after 30 years?

Yes, I heard that! And I feel very honored that they compare me with Angela Visser. She is a true natural beauty which they say I am as well. I think it’s good as a Miss to be natural and have a beautiful energy around you where you can influence people within a positive way. My pure intentions to get back the crown to the Netherlands is that we can make a change to be pure and do everything with a smile. To feel confident in your own body, to be friendly and full of positivity. to love each other and stop plastic! 🙂

What is your life’s goal and how are you going to reach that goal?

My life goal is a better world for our next generation. Teach them how to treat our planet to keep on going. to love, to be positive and be happy.

What message do you have for your fans all over the world?

If you do everything with a pure intention, you will get there. But think good.

And bring always your own water bottle and bag to be sure to not use plastic!

Thank you,

We would like to thank Sharon, Kim Kötter and of course Monica van Ee-Hummen for all the time and trust!
We wish you all the best of luck the upcoming Miss Universe pageant and all that will come…

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Photographer: William Rutten
Dress: Miss Pearl
MUA: Roxanne Bierhuis

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