Miss Beauty of The Netherlands ’19

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Miss Beauty of The Netherlands ’19

The emotional evening started already before the finals had begun when Miss Beauty director Milou Verhoeks was awarded with the MHN50 award during the three course VIP meal.
Milou was surprised and very happy that she was the first one to win the new Award that is hand out to those who make a difference in the dutch pageant world.

After everybody finished their dessert and Studio 21 was filled with a very large audience the show started with a very emotional and beautiful tribute to the late Miss Teen of The Netherlands 2016, Lotte van der Zee. Lotte died earlier this year after a cardiac arrest during her holiday.
A beautiful film with memories in both pictures and words ended with 1 minute of silence.

As Lotte would have liked it the show started immediately after the tribute with a powerful song and dance  by all 36 contestants. Like last year the opening was very impressive and this was just a glimpse of all that would come in the next 3,5 hours.
The hosts of the evening were the beautiful and so nice Liselot Tensen and the handsome and always very funny Fred van Leer. Both did a great job this evening and both showed that they really knew what they were talking about and showed a lot if interest in the girls and the audience.
Besides two great hosts the artist were also very special. For the third time the very charismatic Rolf Sanches was asked to sing during the swimwear round. This time he was not alone as he had brought with him his girlfriend Sophia Mason to sing with him.
The beautiful and very talented Dewi Pechler had to honor to sing at the the evening wear round and she sang the farewell song when team ’18 said goodbye to the audience.

But what about the girls, who stood out, surprised us or gave us shivers? Let’s start with the teens.
From the moment Josephine Onderdonck was crowned Miss Teen of Noord Brabant we noticed her and for us she was the one to beat from that moment on.
Her determination to win was also noticed at our instagram poll. She gained 6657(!) votes by the visitors. 1400 more then the number 2 of the poll, Thanée Hartlief from Drenthe. We were a little surprised when Thanée was not called as one of the 5 finalists.
If there was one teen who could keep the crown from Josephine it was Teen of Limburg, Salma Dahmen. She impressed us with her looks, her stage performance and also her final speech was probably one of the best of the teens. The beauty of Teen of Overijssel, Danthe Scholten was very radiant. Unfortunately she failed to impress us with her speech.
Miss Intercontinental was a group of girls who really were very close in both beauty and personality. So the performance on stage during the finals would make the final decision.
We witnessed a battle between Miss Zuid Holland Shafali Bechoe, Miss Noord Holland Aurelia van Haver, Miss Intercontinental Brabant, Marie-Louise Roomer and Miss Intercontinental Drenthe, Odette Wesseling. Both Odette and Marie-Louise did not make our hot picks but we were very impressed by their performance during the finals. So no surprise that both made the top 5.
Some of the other contestants like Miss Intercontinental Overijssel and Friesland were absolutely very beautiful but lacked energy on stage. In a competition on this level you have to be spot on all the time like it will be at any international pageant.
Also the group of beauty’s was a strong one. But it was Nikki Prein that we noticed from the moment she was crowned Miss Beauty of Gelderland. We saw a girl that was very determent to win the crown and willing to listen and learn.
Also the beauty of Miss Beauty of Friesland, Aafke Stroosma  was noticed by us during the road to the finals. Unfortunately she did not shine on stage as we had hoped. Maybe it were the nerves.
Caro Boonen from Limburg did exactly the opposite, she showed the audience how to perform during the finals of  a beauty pageant, with poise and elegance. Also  Sophie Egberink from Noord Holland did a very nice performance.
At last we noticed the beauty of Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland, Laura van Berkel. We hope to see her in another national pageant as she is a real natural beauty but failed to impress the judges this evening.

So after 3,5 hours, many girls, lots of laughter, and a great show this were the final results:

The Beauty of The Netherlands/Miss Earth Netherlands 2019:

1: Nikki Prein (Gelderland)

2: Sophie Egberink (Noord Holland)
3: Suzan Lips (Noord Brabant)


  • Caro Boonen (Limburg)
  • Aafke Stroosma (Friesland)

Miss Teen of The Netherlands 2019:

1: Josephine Onderdonck (Noord Brabant)

2: Salma Dahmen (Limburg)
3: Indy Kames (Noord Holland)


  • Danthe Scholten (Overijssel)
  • Jo-Anne Shannon Bosk (Groningen)

Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2019:

1: Shafali Bechoe (Zuid Holland)

2: Odette Wesseling (Drenthe)
3: Matilde Verhagen (Overijssel


  • Aurelia van Haver (Noord Holland)
  • Marie-Louise Roomer

Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2019:

  • Caro Boonen

Top Model Netherlands 2019:

  • Aafke Stroosma


  • Miss Charity: Nikki Prein (Beauty Gelderland)
  • Miss Popularity: Noa Zijlstra (Teen Friesland)
  • Miss Photogenic: Yazzmine van Goozen (Teen Zuid Holland)
  • Miss Hair Dreams: Nikki Prein (Beauty Gelderland)
  • Miss Sports: Aurelia van Haver (inter. Noord Holland)
  • Miss Congeniality: Nayomi Latulola (Beauty Drenthe)
  • Miss Bikini: Nikki Prein (Beauty Gelderland)
  • Miss Social Media: Shawin Ahmad (Inter. Limburg)
  • Miss Best Talent: Marie-Louise Roomer (Inter. Noord Brabant)

So as one can see, Nikki Prein was with 3 awards and the overal crown, the big winner of this edition of the Miss Beauty of The Netherlands pageant.

We want to congratulate all winners and the provincial organizations with their victories and all the best for the up-comming international pageants.

Milou showed us again why she is THE winner of the first edition of the MHN50 award.
Milou and team, congratulations on again a job very well done!!!


Photos by: Robin@misshollandnow

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