10 questions for Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2020/2021, Anne Brouwer

10 questions for Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2020/2021, Anne Brouwer

She was one of our favorites for the crown of Miss teen of the Netherlands and for us she was the face of the pageant: Anne Brouwer. So no surprise when she won the crown in the end.
Anne will now represent the Netherlands at Miss Teen International in India. The Miss Teen of the Netherlands have won so far two of their international pageants so hopes are Anne will be the third winner.

We had the honor to ask Anne 10 questions

Who is Anne Brouwer?

She is a 19 Who old girl, who is currently studying journalism. She is a very talented dancer, like to be social and meet up with her friends, and above all she likes to have company!  

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

When I was 17, I got contacted by Tessa Le Conge to enter the world of beauty pageants. I was thinking about doing it myself for a while, when she contacted me, so for me this was a sign, to actually take the step. 

Why do you think the judges choose you as Miss Teen of the Netherlands?

I think they saw my admiration for the contest and saw that I always tried to put in the work that was necessary, even more sometimes. I was/am really dedicated to the contest and I think the judges noticed this. 

What is, according to you, the difference between a teen and an adult?

A teen has more influence within the youth, and she can use this influence to deliver a message about insecurity for example, and share her experiences. 

As a teen, do you think parents should be able to handle the social media of their children, why or why not?

That depends on their age. I think that really young children should be protected against the dangers of social media, but at a certain age, they have to become responsible and control their social media themselves. 

Being a teen is, for a lot of boys and girls, a difficult period in life. A beauty queen can make a difference. How would you use your title to make a difference in their lives?

By sharing my experiences in order to advise and help the teens who are struggling. I try to do this with my own hashtag on social media, which is roughly translated to “I choose me”. 

In a restaurant on the menu there is a dish called Anne M Brouwer, what are the 3 main
ingredients and why?

Well.. definitely chocolate! This would also go well with caramel and cake. These 3 ingredients represent my sweet tooth! 

What will you tell other teens about The Netherlands to pursue them to visit our country?

I would tell them that no matter what their shape, personality, nationality or whatever is, they are welcome here and they can be whoever they want to be here. The Netherlands is a safe place for everyone! 

What about Anne in 10 years?

Anne in 10 years… she would be a mother of her first child. She might fulfil her dream of having her own talk show and most importantly, she would be happy. 

What message do you have for your fans and the followers of www.misshollandnow.com?

Do more of what makes YOU happy! 

We want to thank Anne for taking the time to answer our 10 questions and wish her al the best during her reign and the international finals.

Photo credits:

1 and 4: Roy Froma
2 and 3: Pim van Offeren

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