10 questions for: Miss Supranational Netherlands 2017, Shanna Boeff

10 questions for: Miss Supranational Netherlands 2017, Shanna Boeff

For 12 Months of Beauty it is the second time they send a girl to the Miss Supranational Pageant. In 2014 they were the cd’s for Leila Aigbedion who represented the Netherlands in Belarus.
This year it is the very young Shana Boeff (19) who was selected by Robin and Stefan to represent the Netherlands at this grand slam pageant. Shanna has done some pageants in the Netherlands but never an international one.

Like to get to know Shanna? We asked her 10 questions:

Who is Shanna Boeff?
My name is Shanna and I live in Leiden. I like adventures and to travel. To participate in beauty pageants is one of my hobby’s. I really like to perform on stage and to to a fantastic show. I am a big fan of make-up and Victoria Secret. I really like to sport especially swimming. My favorite food is sushi, in fact you can wake me up in the middle of the night for that.
Funny fact about me is that I can not whistle.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
My first pageant was Miss Teen of Zuid Holland 2016 (a preliminary for Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2016). One week before the finals I broke my arm and I had to do show while my arm was in plaster. Thats why I wanted to participate again this year and I entered the Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland (a preliminary for Miss Beauty of the Netherlands) pageant and I was crowned Miss Intercontinental Zuid Holland (a preliminary for Miss Intercontinental Netherlands) and went to the national finals. I became first runner-up. After the finals I was asked by Robin and Stefan to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Supranational 2017 pageant and I was crowned the same evening.

You were appointed Miss Supranational Netherlands 2017. What was you reaction when you heard that and what effect did that have on you as a person?
When I got the sash and the crown I could hardly believe it. I was so happy and I am so enthusiastic, I am really looking forward to this adventure. I could hardly believe that my biggest dream came true. I will do everything to put the Netherlands on the map.

How do you prepare for the international pageant? What is the hardest part?
To get a lot of sleep and train as much as possible. For my training I get the help of Brian Blijd of Body2last. He is preparing me all the way. My beautiful dresses are designed by Bjorn Kersten. I can’t wait to shine in the dresses he especially designed for me. The looks are completed by the jewelry from BaroQco Jewels. Of course there are photoshoots, I really like to be in front of the camera. To eat healthy is very important. I also got catwalk training from Glenda Nijland from Stage1.
I also get a lot of help and tips from Miss Supranational Netherlands 2016, Milenka. She gave me many tips , so I know what to prepare for. I really don’t know what will be difficult in Poland, I will enjoy and really hit the stage!

You study to work in the beauty industry. What beauty advice would you give to girls participate in pageants? 
My ultimate tip is to relax a lot and avoid a lot of stress. Think about yourself and treat yourself to go to the spa or on a day shopping. Stay close to yourself and enjoy the show. This can be a once in a lifetime experience. That moment on stage is a great experience and everybody is looking at you. It’s really good for your self-confidence, thats why I encourage every girl to participate in a beauty pageant.

What are you looking forward the most at Miss Supranational in Polen and Slowakije?
I am really looking forward to participate in a large final show together with all the other girls from all over the world with all the dances, bikini round and evening gown round. I also look forward to the stories from the other girls, and how life is in their countries. I, myself, have never been to Poland, so I am curious about their culture. It will be an adventure I will not forget easily.

How are you going to stand out in a group of international queens, who all want to win the title?
By giving everyone the best and distinguishing myself through that. I also want put the Netherlands on the map and I want to show everybody how nice my little country is. and much more that cheese and tulips. Of course I want to take the crown home and I will do my very best to make that possible. My strongest points are that I am very self confident, I know what I want and I go for it!

What makes you a typical dutch woman and what makes you a woman of the world?
I am a typical dutch girl as I am down to earth and I know where I stand for. I am interested in people and different cultures. I really like to travel and because of that I have seen a lot of the world. By traveling you learn a lot about yourself and also about the person you are. One of the most important things I have learned is being independent.

Who was your role model as a child and what example do you want to be for young girls?
Doutzen Kroes: She is beautiful, very strong and she did it all by herself! She never gave up! Secretly I dream about being a runway model for Victory Secret. Then you are a big inspiration for young girls. Everybody dreams to be a Victoria Secret Angel. These shows are beautiful and not to serious, everybody is having fun and goes for it!

What about Shanna in 20 years?
I hope to have my own beauty salon, maybe even have my won mak-up brand. Being happily married and have two children. I also hope to have seen a lot of the world. One of my biggest dreams is to study in the USA.
For now of course I hope to win the Miss Supranational crown!!!

Thanks Shanna for taken the time for this interview, we wish you all the best of luck during he international pageant


Photography: Sano Wahyudi
Make up and hair: Beauty by Fadila
Dress: Sano Wahyudi
Jewellery: Baroqco
Shoot coordinator: Marc Kok
Model: Shanna Boeff
Organisation: 12 Months of Beauty


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