10 questions for Miss Supranational Netherlands, Swelia Da Silva Antonio

10 questions for Miss Supranational Netherlands, Swelia Da Silva Antonio

The first Grand Slam pageant for 2021 will be Miss Supranational 2021. The finals will be in Nowy Sacz on august 21st at the Strzelecki Park Amphittheater. The 2021 edition was cancelled due to the Corona virus. Because of this virus, preparations are really hard for the international organization but so far the are doing a great job!
For the 12th time there will be a Miss Supranational crowned. For the Netherlands it will be the 10th(!) time they will be represented at this prestigious pageant.
It is Swelia Da Silva Antonio who wears the Miss Supranational crown. She was crowned at the 12 Months of Beauty online finals last year November 8th.
Since then Swelia is preparing together with the time of 12 Months of Beauty for the international finals in the most professional way one can prepare.
Already noticed by many pageant watchers as one to watch and therefore we are even more proud to be able to give you the 10 answers, Swelia answered to our 10 questions.

Who is Swelia Da Silva Antonio?

I’m a 24-year-old living in The Hague – the Netherlands. Dutch and Angolan in identity, as I’m a first generation migrant who moved from Angola at the age of two together with my family. Overall I’m a studious person and right now I’m finishing a premaster in public administration, after which I will pursue a Master’s degree in governance of migration and diversity. This also indicates my ambitious character as I’m always looking for the next challenge. Aside from this, I’m an optimistic person who enjoys the company of her loved ones. I’m socially inclined in the sense that I have an intrinsic will to help people and society as a whole. That said, I’m proud to take on the role of Ambassador for Education at an organization called Black Ladies Talk and to be part of team 12 Months of Beauty as Miss Supranational 20/21.

You were crowned in an online pageant as Miss Supranational Netherlands during the Covid 19 pandemic with challenges. What was the most memorable challenge for you?

For me, the most memorable challenge was the styling challenge whereby the participants showed their sense of style and finished with a final look. I had put effort to show my personality and the work I do reflected in my outfits. For the final look, I aimed at presenting myself as a true contender for the crown. Guess what – it worked, I won the challenge and later in the competition the crown I dreamed of!

What did you learn about yourself from it?

The styling challenge in particular triggered my perfectionism, because I needed learn on the spot how to trust the creative process in the production of a look, photos, videos etc. It helped me to train this need to perfect my work and it taught me to be less controlling over situations. The biggest take away was to be grateful for what I can do and deliver, instead of being upset about what I could have done.

Social media play a big role in modern day pageantry. How do you use social media in your preparations for Miss Supranational to promote yourself and the pageant?

I started participating in beauty pageants because of my aspiration to contribute to society. I try my very best to share my message of unity and empowerment to overcome challenges posed by intersectionality. In this, I believe it’s imperative to present myself as a representative of people and a spokesperson to address this social issue. Aside from this, I bring in entertainment value to my followers with my personality, a lot of interaction and showcasing appealing visuals. It’s a combination of for example photos, short clips, accompanying texts etc. 

Beauty pageants are still considered old fashioned and outdated. What does a modern beauty pageant looks like in your eyes?

I truly believe that perception plays a part in a person’s view towards things. For me, beauty pageants are a party in the global network of civil society due to their vast reach. It has shifted towards a social platform whereby the delegates have the opportunity to express their stance on certain issues, as well as to bring about change to situations. Beauty pageants encourage and enable women of all fields and backgrounds to take up space, weather it be on- or offline. In this, it hasn’t lost the entertainment value and glamorous aspects which make the world of pageantry appealing to extravaganza.

You created your own platform in the online pageant of 12 Months of Beauty. What can you tell us about it, and why do you think your platform can make a difference?

Through my platform I’m able to address issues having to do with intersectionality in education, social (in)justice and human rights. What differentiates my platform is that it contributes to the betterment of our global society by taking on projects in the aforementioned high impact areas. This is done combining the openness and approachability of beauty pageants with the more serious work of actual changemaking. As an expert by experience and the possession of erudite knowledge, I believe that with me on the task, positive change is bound to happen.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you, and how do you deal with that?

Very often I’m underrated, which leads people to disbelieve I could do great things in life. From my perspective this doesn’t necessarily have to do with me. I say this, because I’ve proven wrong many times but it continues to happen. A plausible reason is that rooted in intersectionality and subsequently not seeing examples of good practice of the similar kind. Being the first certain functions means that I mostly have to figure things out myself, but I rely on professionals who have become my mentors, people I consider highly and my intuition. All that I do, I try to move from a place of love. 

What does supranational mean to you?

The concept of supranationalism means sovereign entities voluntarily transfer authority to an overarching organisation to bring all single entities together in unity. Translated to the context of the Miss Supranational beauty pageant, I regard supranational as the first person among equals. The one who represents, leads and vouches for the assembly of all the single entities in the interest of the group. It’s a way to bring togetherness by bridging the gap between our personal wants and advancing the group in its totality.

What are you going to tell the other contestants of Miss Supranational about the Netherlands, something you are really proud of?

In the Netherlands we have over 180 different nationalities spread over a population of 17 million who live in relative peace. It’s a country that is known to be tolerant and is progressing to be also accepting. I believe it’s a great exemplar to other nations and I’m most proud to further push this reputation with my aspiration to break with intersectionality in education. Also, we have one of the best diary products in the world; the cheese is world class believe me!

What would you tell young people about participating in a beauty pageant?

Youngsters, beauty pageants are a unique way to develop oneself. The lessons I learned, opportunities I got and people I got to know, I wouldn’t trade for anything in this life. If you’re looking for a challenge that will bring you many advantages, you should seriously consider beauty pageants. It won’t be easy, yet absolutely worth it.

If you have a message for all your fans around the world, what would that be?

A tremendous thank you for your interest in me and my journey towards the Blue Crown of Miss Supranational 2021. This Supra season I’m doing all that I can to convey a message of togetherness, and in the end this is all I want you to remember: be good, practice love and seek to progress every day in order to bridge the gap of social inequality in society. Together we can. All the best, yours sincerely – Miss Supranational Netherlands 20/21. 

Thank you so much Swelia for your time and your great answers! We want to wish you al the best of luck in august during the international finals of its Supranational.

Photo’s: Johnny ten Have
Hair in black jumpsuit: Sanjay Ramcharan
Jewelry and crown: BaroQco
Make-up foto’s white dress: Chiara Studios
White dress: Bjorn Kersten


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