10 questions for Miss Earth Netherlands and Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2021, Saartje Langstraat

10 questions for Miss Earth Netherlands and Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2021, Saartje Langstraat

Saartje is the 5th Miss Earth Netherlands the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands sends to the international finals. Like in 2020, when Tessa made it into the top 8 , the finals wil be virtual. Tessa was one of the big favorites last year. She won during the preliminaries 4 medals, including 2 golden ones. The last time the Netherlands were very successful in the medal ranking was in 2015 when Leena Asarfi won 3 medals, including one golden for national costume.
The Miss Beauty of the Netherlands have been by far the most successful national directors for Miss Earth. Faith in 2017, Nikki in 2019 and Tessa in 2020 all just missed winning one of the 4 element crowns. So hopes are that Saartje will be the first on to make that top 4 and win one of the element crowns, hopefully the Miss Earth crown.
For Tessa it will be her first finals as the new director of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands as she took over from Milou Verhoeks this year.

Saartje has been very busy with the preparations for the virtual finals but luckily enough she had time o answer 10 questions for your favorite website in dutch pageantry.

Who is Saartje Langstraat?

Saartje Langstraat, a 20 year old model, entrepreneur and student from The Netherlands. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and spreads awareness about the urgency of the need for changes in the fashion industry. Saartje studies communication sciences and philosophy and loves to be creative. She turned this into a business by sowing sustainable clothes. 

When and why did you decide to enter beauty pageants?

At first, I did not really know much about Dutch pageants. I got a message from Miss Teen of Zuid Holland 2019 asking me if I would like to participate in one. I thought why not? Something like this is what I have always dreamed of. My family thought the same, and they have been so supportive!

Ever since I was little, I have been dancing ballet. I loved the feeling of dancing on stage and it gave me the best adrenaline boosts. I have always been dressing quite out of the box and I loved making other women feel like they could dress however they wanted as well. Confidence is something everyone deserves to have, being able to help women find that confidence in themselves to me is the most beautiful thing I imagine I could do. In pageants, one really gets the opportunity to grow and become the most powerful version of themselves. They eventually become women who inspire other women to do the same. 

How do you prepare for the international online finals of Miss Earth 2021?

As  my journey to Miss Earth started with the provincial pageant called Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland in 2020, it has been quite a journey. From the start, I have been working out regularly, working on my social media presence, practicing my walk, and working to become the best version of myself. After winning Miss Earth The Netherlands, I kept working on the path I already was taking. One does not simply stop evolving after a period, I want to allow myself to grow even more! 

Many beauty queens use their social media to be an influencer; how would you use your social media to influence other people?

Social media often shows a one-sided version of people, as I study media and communication sciences I am well aware of this. That is why I focus on showing people every side of me. I do this by not only showing the glamorous side of the pageant world, but also my daily happy moments.  Every month, I post shots of things that made my day. I use my social media as a diary, and I want to create a safe space for people to support one another. 

When it comes to sustainable fashion, I started making reels with tips for a sustainable closet. Sustainable fashion might seem difficult to assess for people, and that is why I am here! With tips and guides, I hope to reach more and more people. 

If you could be any flower, what flower would that be and why?

I would most definitely be a sunflower. Ever since I was little, my family always called me the ‘the sun in the house’, I have always been really energetic and cheerful. Orange and yellow tones are always colors I tend to because of the warm and energetic feeling they give me. Sunflowers are beautiful and strong, and they always look towards the light. That is something I aspire to be every day. 

What is the one thing you learned from the covid-19 pandemic?

During the pandemic, many people were forced to stay away from one another, including me. I have spent a year at home, following my classes from behind my computer. As for many people, it really was a hard year. I eventually got so focused on my school work, I started to lose my spark. I learned that you always need to keep doing what you love and take care of yourself. I feel like issues a person had were put under a loop during the COVID 19 lockdown, that is why I am now happy that I got this chance to better myself. If you see pictures of me before and after the lockdown, you can see how I shifted from a girl into a woman. I am so proud of how I learned to set boundaries and put myself first. Because in order to love another, you have to love yourself first.  Now, I will do what I love. 

What is your hashtag in life? 

My hashtag in life would be #dosomethingimpossibleeveryday. Every day, I face obstacles I thought I could never overcome. Now, the impossible has become possible to me, never underestimate your abilities in life! Your only limit is your mind, so if you believe everything is possible, amazing things can come to you. 

What would you tell young people about participating in a beauty pageant?

I would tell them to stop looking at other people, you need to do what you are comfortable with and what you feel good about. There is only one person on this earth like you, and you deserve to celebrate just that. Then, confidence is easy to find. I would also tell them to have fun, pageants are a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and learn.

What message do you have for your many fans around the world?

I would tell them how truly grateful I am for their support, their support has helped me to where I am today and gives me the energy to keep doing what I do. I will continue to work towards a better future and put my all in the road towards Miss Earth. Netherlands, I will not let you down!

The 10th question is a new segment. We will ask you a (final) question from a grand slam pageant.

Your question is the final question for the top 3 of Miss Universe 1990:

If you were a judge at the Miss Earth Netherlands 2021, who would you vote for the be Miss Earth Netherlands and why?

A Miss Earth Netherlands is a woman who cares for both nature and people, you can always approach her and she will give you guidance if needed. She is confident and not scared to show her flaws, because we accept one another as we are. Her deep rooted love for nature is not left un said, and she will set the right example for other people to follow. And last but not least, she feels at home on stage and has fun on stage!

Saartje, thank you so much for your time and we want to wish you all the best of luck for the international finals


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