10 questions for…. Rosella Chialastri

10 questions for…. Rosella Chialastri

For the second year in a row, the charming Blessing Njoh is the national director for the Miss Globe Netherlands. Last year it was Stephany Kluivert who represented the Netherlands at the international Miss Globe pageant.
This year Rosella Chialastri won the ticket and the honor to represent the Netherlands.

Who is Rosella? We asked her 10 questions….


Who is Rosella Chialastri?

I am Rosella Chialastri , I was born in Beverwijk and I live in Heemskerk. I am currently studying Laboratory Technology as I hope to become a Medical Analyst. I am also a huge animal lover, which is why I am going to use my position as Miss Globe Netherlands to get raise awareness for animal cruelty.

Why did you decide to enter the Miss Globe Netherlands pageant?

I was scouted to join the Miss Globe Netherlands pageant by the National Director and because I am someone who is open to so many things, I signed up. Then I received an invitation to participate,… and eventually I won!

How are you preparing for the big international finals?

For my adventure to Miss Globe nationals, the key is to have no expectations at all. That way, you’ll stay more calm and positive. My strategy is to just enjoy the moment as it comes! This is how you get the best results during the show. The way I am preparing for the international Miss Globe pageant will be through hard work; lots of training, catwalk training, giving speeches, and of course, taking good care of my body by going to bed on time , keeping myself hydrated and eating healthy and exercising. Besides, I do a very physically intensive and tough sport called Pole Fitness so with that, I believe getting myself in shape will not be much of a problem!

Inside the beauty pageant world who is your role model?

My role model within the beauty pageant world would definitely be Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the current Miss Universe. I have never seen someone who shines as much as she does. From the outside, you can see how warm, friendly and beautiful she is from the inside! She is also a good example of not giving up! If you don’t win the first time, you try again a second time, if you still don’t get it, do it again a 3rd time! And having participated 3 times, she became Miss Universe Philippines. This is the reason she not only is my role model within the pageant world but also outside the pageant world.

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Why did the judges chose you to be Miss globe Netherlands 2016?

I didn’t get all the exact reasons why I was chosen but I do remember a lady walking up to me after I was crowned. This is what she told me: I knew you were going to win right from the start, you look so natural and pure, and from the outside, one can really tell you are a friendly person and you were completely yourself during all the rounds. I believe this is why I won The Miss globe Netherlands pageant.

What does Miss Globe stand for and how will you carry this out?

As Miss Globe Netherlands, I feel an immense urge to show people to accept one another and treat one another equally. Do good to others and good will come right back to you. My task as Miss Globe Netherlands is to spread love, my knowledge, and to make people aware of what could be achieved if we all worked together.

How will you promote the Netherlands at Miss Globe?

I will promote the Netherlands by showing the world that Dutch people are very enterprising, and also very frank in what we say and how we think. Everyone will see that women from The Netherlands are very independent and can achieve a lot on their own without the help of a man.

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How will you promote Miss Globe in The Netherlands?

I have already been in the news papers 3 times since my entry at Miss Globe Netherlands. I will still be featured in the papers before my departure to the Miss Globe pageant. I will do my very best to make The Netherlands proud of me but above of all, my national director, Blessing Njoh.

Do you think a beauty queen/beauty pageant still makes a difference in modern society?

Yes, I certainly do think beauty pageants still make a difference in modern society. I have personally seen the difference pageants can make in building a young woman’s self-confidence and her ability to present herself during interviews and in front of large audiences. My goal as Miss Globe Netherlands is to promote female empowerment and help young girls feel comfortable and “beautiful” no matter what shape, size, or color they are. Long story short, beauty pageants make women strong.

What will your life look like in 5 years?

I will still be doing beauty pageants, it is something that I have found myself to really enjoy and it is also very educative for me. Also In 5 years, I would really like to have found my dream job. I also hope to have seen more of our world. Last but not least, at that time, I aspire to have become even stronger, more independent, and more successful than I am now ….

Thanks Rosella for taking the time to answer our 10 questions and also our thanks goes out to Blessing Njoh, who is doing such a great job as national director.

Photography: Paul Hallmann

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