10 questions for …. Rachelle Reijnders

10 questions for …. Rachelle Reijnders

Katia Maes, who holds the franchise for Miss World Netherlands, is very proud of her first Miss World Netherlands: Rachelle Reijnders. Since 2007, she is the fourth organization who holds the license for Miss World.
During an intensive casting it was Rachelle who won the Miss World Netherlands 2016 crown over 11 other participants. Rachel already tried her luck at the Miss Nederland 2015 pageant where she was a top 13 finalist.

Who is Rachel and how does she prepare in such a short period of time? We asked her 10 questions.


Who is Rachelle Reijnders?
I am an energetic person who stands in life in a positive way. I am spontaneous and I pass through life with a big smile on my face. I like to connect to people and I think it’s important to be helpful.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I started beauty pageants 3 years ago.

The call for Miss World Netherlands 2016 was on very short notice. What triggered you to enter and go to the casting?
I think the Miss World pageant suits me perfectly because besides good looks, I have something to tell. I am doing a study about health differences in the world at the University of Wageningen and I think it connects well to the Miss World pageant. Through this pageant i can contribute to a good cause by using my knowledge.

The Miss World pageant has different fast track competitions. How do you prepare for them and what are the fast tracks for which the other girls have to be afraid of Miss Nederland?
I am going to do as much as possible in the coming weeks to be as fit as possible when I am going to America. I have a nutrition coach and a fitness trainer and of course I take enough rest. Besides that I am working on a beautiful ballet performance and I am going to do charity work.
I think my charity is my best, because I sincerely like to help others, and besides that I have gathered a lot of knowledge in my education at the university, so I really know what I am talking about if I talk about improving health care.


How will you make sure that the jury will notice you among so many participants, What makes you the next Miss World?
I am the next Miss World because I am totally ready for it ! I am a beautiful girl who is fit and who is conscious about health. Besides that I can communicate this very well to others and this makes a difference for others. I think that I not only speak it out, but I radiate this as well.

The Bikini competition is no longer a part of the Miss World pageant, whats your opinion on that? Should a bikini competition be part of a beauty pageant? Why or why not?
I think that a bikini round should not be done in a Miss World pageant. A body should be fit and healthy. In my opinion it should not be judged by physical appearance.I think that for example sportive accomplishments are a better indication for someone’s fitness or health.

Beauty for Cause is the slogan of Miss World. How will you use your beauty and for which cause?
I use my appearance for a wide reach and to communicate in a credible way. I read about research that beautiful people are more credible. It seems like a good idea to use the luck I have with my good looks, to promote values in life and to really educate people.
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What about the Netherlands makes you proud? And why?
I think the Netherlands is a country in which everybody experiences freedom. People can be themselves and I think that that is very important. The great thing about the Netherlands is, is that everybody acts normal, and that is special enough.

What are the rules you live your life by?
Look at the bright side of life.
I think it is important to focus on the positive things in life. I think it is important to emphasize the “good” things and to go on from that. Step by step everything goes better, and you can focus and think about the things that do go well.

What about Rachelle in 5 years?
I hope to have developed myself in different fields, but what I think is more important, is to make a difference with other people. That would make me a happy person, and that gives a lot of satisfaction.


We would like to thank Rachelle to take the time during her very busy schedule and we hope she will have the time of her life at the miss World pageant. We would also like to thank Katia Maes for all her work…….

Photocredits: Laurence Mooij, DutchFoto
MUA: Warishna Goercharan-Boejharat

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