10 Questions for…. Zoey Ivory

10 Questions for…. Zoey Ivory

The first 10 questions for 2017 are for Miss Nederland 2016, Zoey Ivory van der Koelen, known to the world as Zoey Ivory. When we publish this interview she is still on the plane on her way to the Philippines to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.
It most be a very exciting time for her and the Miss Nederland organization, as Miss Nederland is mentioned a lot by all the important pageant websites as one of the contenders for the crown.
Zoey has been busy preparing on her walk and her presentation and has been seen in the dutch media a lot. We believe that everyone in the Netherlands should  stay up in the morning of january 30th and watch Zoey at the finals as FOX Netherlands is broadcasting the Miss Universe pageant live on television. It hasn’t been broadcasted on television since 2007, when there was no dutch participant at the pageant.

We are very proud that she took the time in her busy schedule to answer the first 10 questions of 2017.

Who is Zoey Ivory?
Zoey Ivory is a hard-working 23 year old woman from Almere. ☺
Almost my whole life I was a professional dancer, but the last 4 years I have been a fulltime model. I have a passion for (performing) arts, photography, reading and music. I think it’s important to be passionate about everything you do.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I only entered a few months ago in June. My first and only pageant was Miss Netherlands. At first I didn’t wanted to compete because I had a lot of pre assumptions about pageants. But the last two winners (and my friends) of Miss Netherlands (Yasmin Verheijen & Jessie Jazz Vuijk) told me that the Miss Netherlands competition was a great experience and would help you grow as a person. When I learned more about that, I thought; the last four years I’ve worked as a fashion model where it’s all about the clothes, at the Miss Netherlands competition it’s really about you and what you have to say. That would be an amazing new adventure. And it sure was/is!

How did you grow personally from the moment you registered for Miss Nederland?
Learning is a big part of the competition. I think I really grew socially, I learned to be myself no matter what. And to connect to people even when I don’t know them. And of course because I really didn’t know anything about pageants, I’ve learned a lot about the competitions and grew a lot of respect for all the pageant contestants and pageant holders.

If you would have been a judge at the Miss Nederland pageant, what would you look for in a beauty queen and why?
Definitely kindness, fun and drive. Someone that really wants to do good and has fun on the stage with a clear goal in mind. Not someone that just wants to win for the crown and the sash.


How did you prepare for the international finals? What is it that you had to work to most on, specially for the Miss Universe pageant?
Because I’m new to the whole pageant world, I really had to learn about the competition itself. I have watched about a lot of videos online and of course I practiced my walk as well. A walk of a Miss is so much different than a walk of a model.

What makes you stand out in the group of 90 international beauty queens?
My background as a professional dancer really formed me the way I am. I have the attitude of an athlete, so I’ll always give a 101% even if I’m sick or in pain. It also taught me to be a fast learner, I can copy movement and manners very fast. But appearance wise, I think diversity. I can adjust to every situation: Really natural with my curls and freckles but also be glamorous with sleek hair and lush curls.

Jessie Jazz, Miss Nederland 2015, did the popular TV show Robinson in the Netherlands. For what television show would you like to be invited and why?
I’m a big fan of the show Dance, Dance, Dance. It’s all that I love about a TV show with dancing. It would be a big challenge for me as well because of my dancing background, I’m not as good as I was years ago.

The Philippines is a real pageant minded country. How could we make beauty pageants more populair in the Netherlands?
I feel a lot of more media this year paid attention to the Miss Netherlands competition and my preperations for Miss Universe than last year. Jessie Jazz showed a lot of character in the media and on Expedition Robinson. She proved that all the assumptions and preconceptions about Misses and Pageants were wrong. So more people are starting to get more interested. If we keep showing our characters and keep trying to prove that all those assumptions are wrong, people will start to like pageants more.

What about the Netherlands makes you proud? And why?
Netherlands is an amazing country. A lot makes me proud. I love the multi cultural diversity in our country and all the freedom we have. That is something we need to appreciate because it’s not like that in every country.

What are the rules you live your life by?
They’re not so much rules, but I have a few quotes I live by and that inspire me like:
Good looks fade, but a good heart keeps you beautiful forever. Being beautiful is for me not just about looks, it comes from within. You’re beautiful if you’re happy and do good for other people.
Treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO and
In the end we all bleed the same color. We’re all equal, despite our positions in this world or your skin color.

We would like to wish Zoey all the best of luck and thanks for taken the time and answer our 10 questions. We would also like to thank the Miss Nederland Organization and wish them all the best in the next 3 weeks!

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Glam shots: William Rutten
Finals shots Robin@12monthsofbeauty

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