10 Questions for: Rikkie Kolle, Miss Nederland 2023

10 Questions for: Rikkie Kolle, Miss Nederland 2023

The whole world knows that we have a new Miss Nederland. With her winning the crown, Rikkie made history as she is the first trans woman to win the Miss Nederland and just the second trans woman to compete at the Miss Universe pageant.
Everywhere in the world our dutch queen made the headlines,  as far as the New York times and on television in many countries around the world.
As the Miss Nederland organization is very proud with this win as are we, there is also a lot of hate. We witnessed many negative comments under the our posts at the Miss Holland Now socials. All these hate comments are erased by us. You are allowed to have an opinion but we do not promote hate and will not allow that as we love pageantry in our little country.

We are very proud that we can again publish 10 questions for a Miss Nederland. Rikkie could luckily find some time in her busy schedule with all her press interviews and reportages.

Who is Rikkie Kollé?
My name is Rikkie I’m 22-years old, I live in the Netherlands. Since the age of 17 I had my first modelling experience I really loved that. So I wanted to know more of the branche, for almost 7 years I really like that to do. Further I love to be surrounded by friends and family. In my free time I like to gym to meet up with my friends and make memories!

When and why did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
Actually, my first experience in the pageantry is Miss Netherlands, and It succeed I’m so proud of that. Why I’ve entered is mostly because I wanted to use my voice, to step up things and to empower other woman, and my QUEER community. To be the role model that I missed as a little kid. To make this world and first up The Netherlands more colorful and brighter.

You also participated in Holland’s Next Top Model, what is the difference between a model competition and a beauty pageant, in your opinion?
In the model competition it’s more focused on the potention of how you look for specific jobs for example, high fashion industry sadly still prefer skinny girls, the younger the better. And also you don’t have like a big stage if you want to share your story or do something for society. Beauty pageant is the completely different side of that, because you have the right to speak, and show the universe what you want to mean. The combination with that and being super feminine and elegant is amazing, and gives you the platform to show everything that you have. From the in and outside

There is a lot of positivity but also a lot of negativity about your win as Miss Nederland. How do you deal with that negativity?
Well, let’s keep it clear. The bigger your success the bigger the hate. People will always find something to hate on, and it’s never good enough. Negative comments gave me a big stage to talk about my story and the things I want to achieve for the community. Props to them for giving me that stage, to me they don’t hurt me with their words. They are really insecure I think, that’s quite sad.

What do you think people are afraid of, because of your win?
Well, here in The Netherlands I’m the first one to take the crown as a trans woman. They see that we get the change to also participate and achieve our dreams. They see something in change and some of them get scary about that. They do not have any control of it, that’s what make them mad or aggressive

How do you prepare for Miss Universe in El Salvador?
I prepare with the whole organization of Miss Netherlands, I have some catwalk and presentation trainings in my schedule, and working on myself to become the best version of Rikkie is like very important to me, stay alert but also enjoying every single moment is the key to prepare and make the best memories so I can stay proud of what I already achieved, it helps me a lot and keeps me motivated for the rest of this exciting adventure.

You are now a brand ambassador for Miss Nederland. What is your contribution to the brand Miss Nederland?
I want to empower other woman, from all over the world. From every color and no matter where you’ve come from, even if you’re a transwoman or we’re not born as a woman. We as woman have to lift each other up instead of putting each other down for whatever reason. I really hope to open doors and many will follow. Now it’s 2023. A Miss is not only about the prettiest girl, your beauty can come from the inside and if you feel it from inside you will show it through the outside, that’s what matters.

Do you think a beauty queen can make difference in modern society, why or why not?
Absolutely, for example my win is a history now. And the fact I’m the first means we are getting somewhere that’s something we have to hold in touch in the future. The society has to meet what it takes to be a Miss, we wanna do so much for our country and also the universe. But the fact we keep placing people in boundaries is not fair. I want to change that and be the one who stepped up the game! We have to do it together and I believe we can.

If we would introduce to the world the Rikki salad, what are the ingredients and why?
Oeh! That’s a difficult one, for the base I would love quinoa and rucola you can combine almost everything with that! I really love a salad with lots of different tastes, absolutely pesto has to be in it. I can eat that with almost every meal! I also would say some peanuts because I love a good bite, and since I’m a little kid I can’t without tomatoes haha, instead of meat I would say a good scoop of feta cheese, and let’s top it with a nice dressing, like honey mustard.

What is your message to the world?
Always stay close to who you are, never change for others who disagree with your choices or the path you walk. You are in charge of yourself, and you can dream. Dreams can come true, embrace yourself and make sure you always stay realistic and honest with yourself.

Thank you so much Rikkie for taking time in your busy schedule and we want to wish you all the best of luck during the preparations and in El Salvador during the Miss Universe pageant.
Besides that we want to show our support during your year as Miss Nederland and the years after that.
You can make the difference!

Also thanks to Monica van Ee, for always welcoming Miss Holland Now.

Photos: William Rutten


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