Valentina Carpita is Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023

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Valentina Carpita is Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023

Valentina Carpita Crowned ‘Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023’

Rotterdam, [date] – Valentina Carpita, an inspiring woman with an impressive track record, has recently been crowned ‘Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023’. The prestigious title was bestowed upon her during a spectacular show on Sunday evening, June 11th, where a prominent jury and an enthusiastic audience at Sir Winston Club in Rijswijk witnessed this extraordinary moment. As a winner of previous titles, including ‘Mrs Netherlands Europe 2021’, Valentina Carpita eagerly accepted two sashes and a brand-new crown, solidifying her role as ‘Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023’.

An International Competition in Dubai

On November 11th, 2023, the stunning city of Dubai will host the International Finale of Woman of the Universe. Here, numerous breathtaking women from around the world will come together for this prestigious competition. Valentina Carpita, the proud ‘Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023’, will represent the Netherlands with pride and ambition on this international stage.

Valentina’s Reaction to Winning the Title

Upon winning the title, Valentina expressed her joy: “It was a magnificent evening! My main goal was to enjoy the show. It is an incredible honor for me to stand on this stage tonight as the new ‘Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023’. I feel privileged to carry this beautiful title and represent the Netherlands on the international stage of ‘Woman of the Universe 2023’.”

Valentina vividly remembers her participation in the Mrs Netherlands Universe finale two years ago, where she won the title of ‘Mrs Netherlands Europe 2021’. Unfortunately, due to the challenging circumstances of the global COVID-19 pandemic, she was unable to compete internationally at that time. That is why she is especially thrilled and excited to have the opportunity this year to represent the Netherlands in the breathtaking city of Dubai, where the ‘Woman of the Universe 2023’ finale will take place.

A Mission to Inspire Women Worldwide

As ‘Woman of the Universe Netherlands 2023′, Valentina’s mission is to inspire women worldwide and show them that beauty goes beyond mere appearance. It is about confidence, strength, and the belief that women can achieve anything they set their minds to. Tonight, Valentina stands not only as an individual but as a representative of all women who dream of a better world and a brighter future. Together with them, she aims to create a world where dreams can come true, regardless of background, origin, or age. Dare to dream big and take the first step towards your radiant future!

Dedication to Charitable Causes

Valentina is committed to using her title and influence to make a positive impact on society. Since 2021, she has supported various charitable causes by initiating fundraising campaigns for organizations such as Arosa Foundation, Kenter Foster Care, Kenter Youth Care, Leviaan, Salvation Army, Pluspunt Rotterdam Foundation, and The Animal Protection Agency.

Her focus lies primarily in supporting women and children facing domestic violence, who find refuge in shelters. Thanks to the generous donations from both friends and strangers, Valentina has been able to collect a variety of household items, such as pans and plates. Additionally, she has gathered an impressive collection of 10 bicycles, which were inspected for safety by Ed Tweewielers before being donated to the respective organizations.

Follow Valentina’s Journey to the International Finale

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Good luck Valentina on this great journey.
Enjoy every step of the way …

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