Miss and Mister Supranational 2023

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Miss and Mister Supranational 2023

The Netherlands very successful at the Supranational Experiences 2023

2023 is a very successful year for the Netherlands at Miss and Mister Supranational.
Our small country ended on the 4th spot at the over all country list for 2023, behind Brasil, Ecuador and Spain. This is great in this tough competition.
We got this far because of the hard work of Luna-Isabella Stienstra and Luca Derin.

This year, Miss and Mister Supranational was not just a beauty pageant but the the organization declared it to be an experience, where the candidates were evaluated not only on beauty and brains, but also on their behavior and input during the experience in Poland, and even the period from crowning to their journey to Poland. Their team back home and on location and national directors are also part of the evaluation to select the top 24 (women) and top 20 (men)
Miss and Mister Supranational 2023 was a very strong year with 66 strong and gorgeous women and 37 handsome and powerful men from all over the world.
The women and men only met in a few occasions throughout the experience which consisted of many activities and evaluations. Besides photoshoots and trips there was the Supra chat, From the Ground Up project, Introduction event, Topmodel competition, Interview round, preliminary round in swimwear and evening wear, National Costume show for the women and of course 2 final shows in the auditorium of Park Strzelecki in Nowy Sacz  in the Malopolska region in Poland. This is all part of the yearly Festival Piekna, where not just the grand ambassadors for Supranational are selected but also Miss Polski is crowned on the last day.

Luna-Isabella’s From the Ground Up project is all about talent development. She already was working on this project as a coach, before entering Miss Supranational Netherlands.
Throughout the experience Luna-Isabella wore designs from one of her pupils, like the after 5 dress from a local designer and her final evening gown.
This dedicated woman stood out during the whole experience and she did an excellent job at the preliminary show and the final show. She was known as the girl with the beautiful make up and the beautiful jewelry, from BraoQco Jewelry. The organization and chaperones were impressed how Luna-Isabella handled herself with her charm, and how she exactly knows what  is expected from a brand ambassador for Miss Supranational.
She was awarded for her hard work by not only being in the Top 24, where she was called as 11th, but also advancing to the top 12. For the Netherlands this is just the second time that our queen advanced to the top 12 finals. In 2021 it was Swelia Antonio da Silva who was the first one.

The day after Miss Supranational, we had another exciting day, as we knew Luca did very very well during the whole experience and was a favorite to place highly in the final show.
He also was no stranger to his From the Ground Up Project, sustainable roofing, for which he is the spokesperson.
For Luca it was not his first pageant: in 2018 the very young Luca participated in Manhunt International where he placed 2nd runner up.
The dutch Mister Supranational did an exceptional job, being focussed all the time and BEING SUPRA the whole experience. Just being himself, Luca was very popular with the staff and the other candidates. He even has several fan accounts on Instagram, which shows his popularity among the fans. No wonder he was in the top 20. The hostess of the show, the lovely Jo Ann Strauss (Miss South Africa 2001) made the announcement of the top ten very thrilling  as Luca was called out as the last country.  After the formal wear round he also advanced to the Top 5.  Once in the top 5 Luca had to pick a number that would be his final question. The number he picked was lucy number 2 and was: Wat important qualities would you bring as brand ambassador  to the Mister Supranational organization. His answer included that the organization is looking for someone with an open heart and could also be an example to the world.
In the end he was named second runner-up. The best result for The Netherlands at this pageant. Of course we are very happy with the results, but it would not be strange if Luca would have taken it all.

We can obviously look back at a very successful Festival Piekna 2023 with these results for both Miss and Mister.
We wish both Luna and Luca all the best in their future endeavors.

Photos: @misssupranational and @mistersupranational
Photo top 5: Pawee for Missosology
Official portrait Luna: Sunny Jagesar  


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