10 Questions for…. Shauny Bult

10 Questions for…. Shauny Bult

The third girl to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Grand International pageant. Shauny already participated in 2 grand slam pageants: in 2012 at the Miss Earth and in 2014 at the Miss International pageant.
Miss Grand is also held for the third time and has grown to one of the most important pageants in the world.
Together with Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Australia and Miss India she is considered one of the front runners at the pageant.
Shauny is fully prepared by her national directors Robin and Stefan of 12 Months of Beauty, Hair specialist, Chierah Dickson and Catwalk specialist, Lyron Martina.
At the pageant she will be wearing beautiful dresses designed by Bjorn Kersten, jewelry from BaroQco Jewels en an original national costume who will bring us back in time…..

Although no stranger, we asked Shauny 10 questions

Shauny_IMG_0111 gown

You are very well known in the Dutch and international pageant world. What is the one thing we don’t know about you yet?
Most people don’t know that my favorite colour is yellow and that I love to write. I just started blogging this year and I love it! It’s good for self-reflection. Writing about your own life and your opinion, clears your mind and it clears your sight. Writing clarifies your own path what we call life. The good thing about writing is that you re-read the things you were thinking and doing at that moment. That is why it’s good for self-reflection, because you have a point of reference. It makes it easier and more evident to see the things you have achieved and learned in the time since point zero.

You already participated in 2 grand slam pageants. How will Miss Grand be different for you?
This time I had the time to prepare and really think about what I want. The other 2 pagaents I rushed in and started the journey exhausted. This time I have energy and I am more mature than before. A girl with dreams turned into a woman with vision, and that is the difference.

How are you preparing for the big international finals?
I think everything through. What did I learn from the last pageant? I listen to feedback and never feel insulted. That’s my mental preparation. My physical preparation improved with 100% since the last time. Before I was just skinny and had no muscles. Now I am fit and strong. I feel strong. Everything in my body sends me signals: I am ready!

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The Netherlands are not a country in war, but we deal with war very closely. P.e. in 2014 an airplane with almost 300 Dutch casualties was shot down by a missle and now there are thousands of refugees passing our border. What would your personal contribution be to conserve peace in the world?
That I always treat people, like I want to be treated myself. If I was a refugee, I would be so grateful if there was a safe haven for me. Treat a refugee the same way you want to be treated.
My personal contribution is that I am able to show anyone (refugee or not) what hospitality, love and peace is. My childhood was filled with love, peace and safety and I am grateful and aware that not everyone gets this lucky in life. I am able and willing to be the change you wish to see in this matter.

There was never a European winner in Miss Grand International. What will you do to change that?
I believe that every continent has beautiful representatives. But what sets me apart is that I am a woman with vision and ambition. What makes me unique is that I am an engineer and I make businessplans for charity organisations. I am a business woman (I am self-employed since the age of 18), that wants to give something back to the world that has always been so good to me.

0915 Ae SS2 Shuany_3277

Without giving us a hint, what’s so unique about your national costume? 
The only thing I can say is that when I tried on my national costume I was even more proud to be Dutch. We are not glitter and glamour orientated, we are down-to-earth. And that is what resembles my national costume.

How do you deal with the pressure of being a favorite for the crown?
First of all I feel flattered when I am called a favorite. I want to thank everyone who has voted for me so far and everyone who believes in me. I just want to show the world the best version of myself and if that makes me a favorite than I am grateful for that. But I don’t feel the pressure of being a favorite, because I am aware that there is only one Shauny. I am my own competition and that is the same for everyone.

If you had a daughter, would you sent her to an international beautypageant?
Definitly! No doubt! Pageants made me to the person who I am today. Pageants forced me to improve my communication skills and physical appearance, because you don’t want to make a mistake when you are on stage. Pageants made me a better person and more aware about my actions and responsibilities. Plus, and I value this reason the most, I have met some of my most valued friends when I was competing in a pageant. I have friends all over the world and I still speak to them every single day. If my daughter would have been given the same opportunities as me I would only support her dreams, but only if it’s her dream. I would never force her to live up to my dreams.

Attachment-1E2 SHAUNY_7731 copy

What would you tell young people about participating in a beauty pageant?
It is rewarding work. You get to meet new people and built new friendships. Pageants make you a better person and make you value what God gave you. Pageants give you a platform, a voice. And how wonderful is it if you use this voice, not for your own good, but for fighting for the things you believe in? That is what pageants do. Another thing that I like about pageants is that there are no losers. Every contestant improved during this journey: it may be emotionally of physically. And if you didn’t learn anything, you weren’t serious about winning the crown.

What message do you have for your many fans around the world?
Never live with regrets. If you want something, work for it. In the end it is not about how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you are willing to work for it.

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We would like to thank Shauny for taking the time in her busy schedule to answer our 10 questions, we wish her all the best of luck in Thailand…


Photography by Owen Suan Reyes
Make up by Arnel Palmera
Gown by Leo Almodal
Blue Gown by Mark Bessie Besana
Accessoires Christopher E Munar
Crown by BaroQco Haute Couture Jewels, Eduardo Liem

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