10 questions for Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021, Lotte Dirchs

10 questions for Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021, Lotte Dirchs

Last year, just between the tow lock downs, 12 Months of Beauty had their online finals. 3 girls were crowned and one of them was Lotte Dirchs. She was sashed and named Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021. While the other two crowned queens already traveled to their international pageants in Thailand and Poland, Lotte still waits for her international finals.
Although the wait is long she is not just waiting and sitting on a chair. In the mean time Lotte walked the catwalk, is doing photoshoots and even won a cover competition for the international magazine “Heart of Hollywood”.
For 12 Months of Beauty, Lotte is their 5th Supermodel. Beauty queens like Leila Aigbedion, Jeanine de Vries, Janice Babel and Laura Ghobrial are her predecessors.

During her studies, the catwalk and photoshoots, Lotte took the time to answer 10 questions.

Who is Lotte Dirchs?

I am a 22-year-old woman who is living in Nijmegen. I am studying for a masters degree in International Business Communication and I am currently Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021. I love sports, pageantry, modeling, making music and creating memories with the people around me. I would describe myself as bubbly, joyful and hard working. 

Why did the judges voted for you as Supermodel Netherlands 2020/21?

I believe that they have voted me as Supermodel Netherlands 2021/2021 because of the personal growth and development that I have experienced during the pageant. When I first started I was completely new to the world of beauty  pageants and I had a lot to learn. During the competition I have always allowed myself to learn from every opportunity I had. I listened to the feedback and I was determined to be the best version of myself. I think my mindset really improved during the competition and I believe that the judges saw this. Furthermore, I am very passionate about helping others and a pageant is an amazing platform to do so, I believe the judges also saw this passion. In the end I think that hard work does really pay off. Of course I can never know for sure why they voted me as Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021 but this is what I think.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the international competition is on delay, how do you keep focused?

I keep on improving myself and my skills. A delay also means that I have more time to practice and to really rise to the next level. I try to fit in something for the title every week. My social media is always filled with pageant queens and pageant news and following this keeps the flame in me burning. I absolutely love beauty pageants and knowing that I will go international keeps me very motivated. So the extra time I have also creates opportunities. But of course, I cannot wait till I can represent the Netherlands proudly! 

During the national pageant of 12 Months of Beauty you were challenged to come up with a platform. Your platform is called “Your scars are beautiful”. How did you came up with this platform and what do you hope to accomplish?

The platform ‘Your scars are beautiful’ is something that is very close to my heart and comes from a very personal story. When I was three years old I was bitten by a dog in my face. This left me with a few visible scars. Growing up I sadly was bullied for this. But not all my scars are physical. I also dealt with some very hard events growing up and these events also have left invisible, or as you like, mental scars. I believe that when you live life getting scars, visible or invisible, is inevitable. Your scars are what make you unique and they are a part of who you are and of what your journey has been. With my platform I hope to normalize having scars. And I hope that I can inspire others to see their scars as something that they are proud of. Your scars simply mean that you have lived and that you have survived. 

What’s the difference between a beauty pageant and a model competition, like Supermodel International?

Supermodel International is in a way like a beauty pageant. So there are beautiful women from all over the world competing to win the international title. However, at Supermodel International the focus is really on modeling. They provide the most amazing photo- and video shoots and they let you experience what a supermodels life is all about, while at a beauty pageant this focus is less on the modeling. This being said, Supermodel International still has an amazing program with great activities just like a beauty pageant. 

You have the honor to have a flower named after you, what kind of flower would that be and why?

If I would have the honor to have a flower named after me I would like it to be a flower like a peony. Those are my absolute favorite flowers. I would like it to be a flower that you can give to your loved ones. Family and friends are very important to me and a flower that would convey a message as ‘I care about you’ would be something that would be really fitting to me. I believe it is so important to let the people around you know that you are thankful and happy to have them by your side. Having a personal flower that expresses this would be really nice! 

You are a very ambitious young woman, how does a beauty pageant/modeling competition fit into that?

First of all, thank you! I personally think that ambition is very important and I want to leave this world knowing that I have positively contributed to it. Beauty pageants and modeling competitions fit into my ambitious lifestyle because they also challenge me to be a better version of myself. They give me the opportunity to grow and learn. But they also give me the opportunity to give back to society and that is something I am passionate about. In every aspect of my life I always want to live knowing that I took on every challenge that I wanted to take on. Beauty pageants and modeling often push me out of my comfort zone which leads me to discovering new aspects of myself and of life. I really love doing pageants and modeling competitions so in a sense I am also ambitious in this field! 

The world of beauty pageants and modeling competitions is tough! How will you survive?

The world of beauty pageants and modeling competitions might be tough, but I am tougher. I believe it is very important to believe in yourself and to believe that there is no challenge too big for you. Self confidence is something that I have learned to develop as I used be very insecure. However, I have found myself and my balance. I think that keeping a cool head and keeping my balance makes me resilient. And even when things get hard I remember what I am grateful for. When I make a mistake or something does not go as planned this can be difficult to deal with, but I always look on the bright side as I probably learned something new from that experience. When I know that I give it my all that I did my best it is okay. Not everything is always in your power and that is good to acknowledge. If I am proud of myself that is enough. By keeping this mindset I keep on being relaxed and I can thrive that way. 

What would you have a told a 5 year old Lotte with all the knowledge you have today?

If I would have the opportunity to meet 5-year-old Lotte I would tell her that is okay to be different, that her scars and other differences are beautiful. I would tell her that she is going to go through some very dark days but that everything will be great in the end. That those experiences will shape her into a loving and powerful woman. There will be times that she is going to struggle to find out who she is and that searching for herself and her own identity is a difficult path, but that it is worth it. Sometimes she will feel like she cannot fully connect with the people of her age around her, but that is okay. She will find herself a new family of likeminded people and she has the power to achieve everything she wants to. And as a last note, I would tell her to appreciate her full health while she still has it, as that will not be the case later. 

What’s next for Lotte?

Last year I have finished my bachelors degree in International Business Communication and currently I am doing the masters program following this degree. In the future I hope to be using my communication knowledge to improve society. Furthermore, I am also working hard on my modeling career and I hope to take this to the next level. Last year I discovered my love for participating in pageants and I hope to soon represent the Netherlands internationally. However, I hope that my pageant journey is not finished after that and I would like to compete more and I would like to enlarge my current platform ‘your scars are beautiful’. With pageantry I feel like I have found a place where I can be myself and work for the things that I find important in the world. It truly makes me happy. Lastly, I will still be spending time with my loved ones and enjoying everything that life has to offer. 

Thank you very much! 

Well the honors were completely ours!!! Thank you so much for all these beautiful answers and we want to wish you all the best of luck!!

Photo credits:

Photographer: Johnny ten Have
Hair: Sanjay Ramcharan for Addict Haarlem
Make-up: Seductive Glamor
Location: Addict Haarlem and Royal Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam (lat two)
Dress: Bjorn Kersten
Suit: 12 Months of Beauty
Jewelry: BaroQco Jewelry




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