10 Questions for Supermodel Netherlands and Miss Amsterdam 2018, Janice Babel

10 Questions for Supermodel Netherlands and Miss Amsterdam 2018, Janice Babel

On May 27th, Miss Amsterdam 2018 was chosen. Robin from Miss Holland Now was also in the jury to elect the winner. Janice Babel was the lucky one and she also won the title Supermodel Netherlands 2018. We asked Janice 10 questions, and while she is on the airplane to Bangkok for the international pageant, we publish this interview.

Who is Janice Babel?
A tall proud Amsterdammer, philanthropist and anti-bullying youth motivational speaker. These terms define me as Miss Amsterdam 2018 and Supermodel Netherlands 2018. I am also a communication & multimediadesign student at Inholland, University of applied sciences

How did you get into the world of beauty pageants and model competitions?
In the year of 2016, I was approached by the creative director of Miss Amsterdam while I was at work. Unfortunately, I could not attend the casting day due my planned vacation at that time. Begin 2018, the national director of Miss Amsterdam verkiezing called me with the question if I could attend the casting-day for the search of Miss Amsterdam 2018. Of course I was immediately enthusiastic. It was the beginning of a new adventure, because it was my very first time attending a beauty pageant. This experience also showed me that everything happens for a reason. Next to the title of Miss Amsterdam 2018, I also won the title of Supermodel of Netherlands 2018, where I will represent our beautiful country. Before I attended the Miss Amsterdam verkiezing, I did several freelance modeljobs next to my study, so the model world is not new to me. Competing against other countries in an international contest is quite new to me.

How do you prepare for the International pageant?
I prepare myself mentally and physically. I am practicing a healthy lifestyle, choose a style that makes me feel confident ultimately (showing my natural curly hair for instance), doing research in techniques on how to calm your nerves in high pressure situations and prepare for what the judges can ask. I also did some research in the culture of Thailand, because it will be my first time going to Thailand!


What do you expect of the International pageant? What are you looking for the most in Thailand?
I think that the international pageant is a great way to meet other girls with different backgrounds and similar interests. Besides getting to know the ladies, I also think that the supermodel is a great way to practice networking and introducing yourself, one of the skills I can utilize later on in my professional life. All-in all, this international pageant can open doors to new opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. What I’m looking for the most in Thailand is getting out of my comfort zone which can lead to my personal growth.

As you are both, what’s the difference between a beauty queen and a model?
Good question. Next to the glamorous side, you must be able to speak confidentially and talk on a wide range of subjects, especially about the city and country where you come from as a beauty queen. Modeling is a way to express different emotions on catwalks or photoshoots. As a model you need to make your mind blank and put that confidence through your body and facial expressions as if you’re walking or posing in front of the mirror in your living room.

Do you think a beauty queen/supermodel can make a difference in the world? How?
Certainly. As a beauty queen/supermodel you can be the person you would want little girls (and boys!) to look up to. You can make a huge impact and show the youth that they can be the best version of their self concerning self-acceptance. It will reflect eventually.

What makes you a typical girl from Amsterdam? And what makes you a typical girl from the Netherlands?
I LOVE haring (a typical Dutch fish) with onions and pickles, you can find me on a bike with a bunch of groceries and you will see me hang with people from different backgrounds, from Dutch to Ghanian to Turkish. For the people who don’t know: Amsterdam has more than 170 nationalities!

The world of beauty pageants and modeling competitions is though! How will you survive?
The supermodel international will lead ultimately to the final show where you’re going to be scored by a panel of judges. I’m very mindful that this world can spawn a string of issues, but this is why it’s important that I enter into it with a positive mindset and just focus on doing the best I can do. 

Who is your role model? and why??
Next to my mother, the person I really look up to in the pageant world is Miss Jamaica and model: Davina Bennett. Not only is she humble, she’s also a social influencer in all aspects, the voice of many, confident and powerful. She also has an own foundation for the deaf created to spread awareness to the deaf society. I’m just very inspired and strive to be like her one day.

What’s next for Janice?
Conquering one big challenge (attending the Supermodel International contest) and gain as much experience as possible and of course graduating for my study Communication and Multimedia Design!


Pictures courtesy of Raúl Neijhorst, @dimimusic and robin@misshollandnow

We want to thank Janice for her time to answer these 10 Questions. We will follow her throughout her journey in Thailand. Good luck Janice, make us proud !

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