Beauty of the Past, Angelique Cremers

Beauty of the Past, Angelique Cremers

cremerspeigelFor our second beauty of the pas we go back to 1987 and we stay in the present.
Angelique Cremers participated in many local en regional pageants before she entered the Miss Holland 1986 pageant where she became 3rd runner-up.
In 1987, the Miss Holland committee sold the Miss Holland title to Frans Verlinden. Mister Verlinden managed to get the Miss Holland 1987 finals to be broadcasted live in television. Angelique Cremers was crowned Miss Holland 1987 and an instant celebrity. She made the news three times a week and represented the Netherlands at Miss International 1987, where she was unplaced and at the Miss World 1987, where she one of the favorites but she only managed to become a semi-finalist.
She would also go to the Miss Universe 1988 pageant but in the end she was replaced by Annabet Berendsen, 3rd runner-up at the Miss Holland 1987 pageant.
After Angelique crowned Angela Visser as Miss Holland 1988 she was in headlines for some weeks as she was very happy to be Miss Holland no longer (this off course was made even bigger news by the gossip magazines.)
Nowadays, Angelique is a successful artist who paints and makes sculptures. In 2008 she posed for the 12 Months of Beauty calendar. This calendar was sold and the benefits went to the dutch AIDS foundation.
In 2013 she had an exposition against female genital mutilation. The whole process took several years and was a real art trip for the female body and was a big succes for herself as an artist aswel for the whole female community.

We are very proud that this beautiful woman from the inside and the outside is friend of Miss Holland Now,

Today, june 25th 2016 it is the 50th birthday of Angelique Cremers…. Happy birthday!

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