Beauty of the Netherlands, 3 more provinces

Beauty of the Netherlands, 3 more provinces

Miss Beauty of the Netherlands has the franchise for Miss Earth Netherlands 2017, Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2017 and the Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2017 pageant.

Miss Earth

In 2007, Milou Verhoeks, the president of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands, was herself Miss Earth Netherlands and represented the Netherlands at this pageant.
The last 3 years 12 Months of Beauty have been responsible for the dutch representatives at the Miss Earth pageant but this year Milou took over.
The Netherlands haven’t been very successful at the pageant. Only in 2010, Desiree van der Berg, managed to get into the semi-finals. Desiree was the first of 2 candidates the Miss Nederland organization send to this pageant in 2010 and 2011.

Miss Intercontinental

The first Miss Intercontinental was held already back in 1973, when it was called Miss Teenage Peace International. In 1974 the pageant changed it’s name to Miss Teenage Intercontinental. And in 1982 the named changed into Miss Intercontinental.
The Netherlands participated for the first time 1975 with the lovely Nanny van der Kuijl. In 1976, Barbara Ann Neefs became 2nd runner-up for the Netherlands.
In 1983, the beautiful Brigitte Bergman won the pageant for our country.
The last time the Netherlands were reprinted at this pageant was in 2015, when Iris Hertroijs was Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2015.

Miss Asia Pacific

This pageant was held for the first time in 1965. It started as a pageant for for Asian countries in the pacific. But in the last few years the pageant has becoming more and more popular and also countries who are not in Asia or in the pacific ar participating.
The Netherlands participated for the first time last year and that was big succes as Tessa le Conge won not only the Miss Friendship award but also the main title.
On september 9th she will crown her successor Miss Asia Pacific the Netherlands. The two will go to the Philippines together and who knows, maybe Tessa will crown her successor two times.
The Miss Earth and the Miss Intercontinental participants are all 24 in the running for this title and crown.

On september 9th the new Miss Earth Netherlands and the Miss Intercontinental wil be crowned in Rotterdam at the Wings Hotel.
There will be also a Miss Teen of the Netherlands crowned at this event. She will also represent the Netherlands at Miss Teen International in the USA.

Who are the girls that are in the race to represent the Netherlands at one of the international pageant? We will introduce them to you in 4 articles, here are three more provinces: Utrecht, Noord-Holland en Zuid-Holland


from left to right:

Miss Earth Utrecht:Morgan Doelwijt, 19
Miss Intercontinental Utrecht: Cathelijne Heppenhuis, 19
Miss Teen Utrecht: Sanne Schmeink, 18


from left to right:

Miss Intercontinental Noord-Holland: Rosella Chialastri, 20
Miss Teen Noord-Holland: Michantely Lisse, 17
Miss Earth Noord-Holland: Rosan Castien, 20


from left to right:

Miss Teen Zuid-Holland: Yente Vreden, 15
Miss Intercontinental Zuid-Holland: Shanna Boeff, 18
Miss Earth Zuid-Holland: Cindy Rkman, 19


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