Chris Veltkamp is Mister International Netherlands 2016

news 18 jun 2016
Chris Veltkamp is Mister International Netherlands 2016

Mister International Netherlands 2016, Chris VeltkampAfter months of preparations we witnessed the finals of Mister International Netherlands 2016. The finals took place in the Eusebius church in Arnhem. There were 15 men who all wanted to succeed Cas Winters, Mister International Netherlands 2015. Cas had represented the Netherlands at the Mister International competition and is now working as a freelance model in the Philippines. It is the third time Lyron Martina organized this male beauty pageant.After 4 rounds of competition, the judges had the hard task to eliminate 7 of the 15 to make 8 finalists. These 8 had to tell the jury and the audience why he should be the next Mister International Netherlands.
We of Miss Holland Now were very impressed by Ryantino his final speech as he told that he would like to be role model for the young people and tell them about HIV. Also very personal answer by Haroune, who was very proud that he had lost already many kilos but still was working on himself to achieve his goals.

In the end it was Chris Veltkamp who won the honors to be Mister International Netherlands 2016.


1: Chris Veltkamp (Mr. Elegance)

2: Sezer Ozdemir
3: Ryantino Troenokarso (Mr. Best Body & Mr. Popularity)
4: Muhammed Dastan

top 8:

  • Dharwin Jajairam (Mr. Bootcamp & Mr. Charming)
  • Arjan Klaassen
  • Eelke Wijnsma
  • Mike Peters

Mister Photogenic became Ozan Sal.

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