Historical Miss Benelux 1959

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Historical Miss Benelux 1959

In 1959 there was a Miss Benelux pageant for the first time. The countries of the Benelux are: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. All three countries send 3 girls to this pageant which was held in Tilburg (the Netherlands) at an exposition.

The dutch candidates came from 3 different pageants. Miss Holland 1959, Peggy Erwich just returned from the Miss Universe pageant, was one of the dutch girls. The other two were the current Miss Scheveningen, Jeanine Visser and the current Miss Noordwijk, Norma van der Put.

Although Peggy was the raining Miss Holland she did no do very well at he pageant, while Jeanine Visser won the pageant and Norma became the 2nd runner-up.

miss beneluxMiss Benelux 1959

1: Jeanine Visser (Netherlands)
2: Josée Jaminet (Luxemburg)
3: Norma van der Put (Netherlands)

(picture: from left to right: Norma, Jeanine and Josée)

Jeanine was an 21 year old secretary from Leiden. She made the news later that year when she won a lawsuit against her, on the day she married. In the history in beauty pageants we see there have been many law suits against beauty queens or beauty queens started a law suit agains organizations.

Many newspapers made reports on the case of Miss Benelux 1959, we will translate one small article on this.

the article

Miss Benelux married and won

Miss Benelux, 21 year old mannequin Jeanine Visser from Leiden married on monday with advertising designer Arie van Veen.
Almost at the same time, Mrs van Veen won the lawsuit that was filed by fashion-show organizer mrs K.
Mrs K. had demanded that it would be forbidden for Miss Benelux to do fashion shows for relations which she had met while working for her. She invoked a contract that was signed by Jeanine Visser when she was 18 years old. The judge considered that this non-competition clause is void because it was signed by a minor. The coming of age made the previously signed statement being legally not valid.

source : De Waarheid
date: december 8th, 1959

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