Kim’s 5 so far, Miss Universe….

Historical 16 dec 2014
Kim’s 5 so far, Miss Universe….

On january 25th a new Miss Universe will be crowned in Doral, Miami. Kim Kötter, who was Miss Universe Netherlands back in 2002 will be sending her 6th girl to this pageant.
So far Kim was able to send girls who were noticed by the fans and the beauty pageant blogs and made the hot picks almost every year but almost never made the cut. Only in 2011 when tall blond Kelly Weekers entered the stage, Miss Netherlands made the semi-finals.
The dutch hope for the next Miss Universe pageant is Miss Nederland Universe Yasmin Verheijen. Yasmin will be fully prepared  for the pageant as she was already crowned in december 2013.
It would be great for the dutch pageant world if Kim could get the same results as he has almost every year at the Miss World pageant.
Let’s review Kim 5 so far at Miss Universe….

gallery_photo1249524114NETHERLANDS2009, Avalon-Chanel Weijzig

Kim Kötter had taken over the Miss Universe license from Sheida Wever, Miss Curacao Universe 1985, who had the license since 2006 but only managed to send a girl in 2008.
There were 12 beautiful finalists at the Miss Universe Netherlands 2009 pageant. Several girls had a lot of experience in beauty pageants and model competitions.
The jury was asked to look for a typical Miss Universe girl, sexy, beautiful, nice and photogenic.
It was Avalon-Chanel Weijzig who won the crown and the right to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas. She was already noticed by the  jury during the castings as the typical Miss Universe girl, even as it was her first pageant.
Avalon was an instant hit! She was noticed by al the important websites and blogs and became almost everywhere an hot pick and one to watch.
The official Miss Universe photographer, Fadil Berisha, was very charmed by the exotic and photogenic Miss Netherlands and took his time to get the perfect shot.
Unfortunately  she did not make the semi-finals. Was it the pressure or the lack of experience? We do not know, what we do know is that Avalon has been a very beautiful and sexy Miss Universe Netherlands, who would after the Miss Universe pageant be named Miss Nederland and represent the Netherlands also at the Miss Wold pageant.

photo_cron_1_57_0_20102010, Desiree van den Berg

The girl who would win the Miss Nederland 2010 pageant knew she would have a busy year ahead, as she had to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe, the Miss World and the Miss Earth pageant. However there were two sashes on the table of the jury at the finals: One of the finalists, Hester Winkel, was also playmate of the month in the dutch Playboy at the time of the pageant. For the Miss Universe organization this was no problem but for the Miss World pageant this was a no go. If the jury would pick Hester as Miss Nederland there had to be a second Miss Nederland who would represent the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant.
But is was Desiree van de Berg who impressed the jury the most and she was crowned as Miss Nederland 2010.
The first pageant for Miss Nederland 2010 was the Miss Universe pageant in the city of glitter and glamour Las Vegas. Desiree gave it al but during the preliminaries she had one disadvantage as the very popular and later Miss Universe, Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, was always previous in line and as Las Vegas is quite close to the Mexican border, there were lots of Mexican fans who cheered very loud.
In the final week there were some rumors that she could be one of the Trump-picks, but in the end she didn’t make it.
Maybe no succes at the Miss Universe she would have her revanche at the Miss World and the Miss Earth pageant later that year.

228982_10150287792907913_681547912_7920750_1487160_n2011, Kelly Weekers

Kelly Weekers was one of the 12 provincial beauty queens at the Mis Nederland 2011 pageant. From the first moment she was crowned as Miss Limburg she was one of the favorites for one of the Team Miss Nederland titles. Team Miss Nederland exists of Miss Nederland World, Miss Nederland Earth and Miss Nederland Universe. So it was no surprise when Kelly Weekers won the Miss Nederland Universe crown in Nijkerk and would go to Sao Paulo, Brasil.
From the first steps Kelly put on Brazilian soil she was an instant favorite. Very natural, very tall, very blond, very beautiful and very kind. Could it happen that after 19 years there would be a semi-finalist at the Miss Universe pageant from the Netherlands? The whole of the Netherlands was hoping for a placement and some newspapers would even go as far as hoping for a second Angela Visser.
Everybody was very happy that after such a long wait Kelly made the semi-finals and became one of the top 16. She did not become the second Miss Universe from the Netherlands but she proved that a dutch girl could still become a semi-finalist at the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Universe 20122012, Nathalie den Dekker

After her big succes at the the Miss World pageant and the changing dates of the Miss Universe finals, the Miss Nederland organization postponed the finals of Miss Nederland 2012 and the winners of that pageant would go to the pageants in 2013, Nathalie den Dekker was already crowned Miss Nederland World and later appointed as Miss Nederland, therefore she got the right to go to the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas.
Nathalie was already noticed by the organization at the casting for Miss Universe Nederland in 2009 when she just missed the top 12 as she was in the last group of 20 girls.
As always Nathalie was a favorite from the moment it was announced that she would go to the Miss Universe pageant, as she has a big group of fans everywhere in the World but specially in Asia. Nathalie gave it all and even managed to get the 2nd runner-up spot at the National Costume award. An award we only won once in 1964.
Although Nathalie was noticed by many and many believed she would be a semi-finalist, she didn’t place in the end.

photographer_uploaded_1_57_0_1382895457_20132013, Stephanie Tency

Stephanie Tency won the Miss Nederland Universe  2013 title and became, together with Jacqueline Steenbeek, who had won the Miss Nederland World 2013 title, Team Miss Nederland 2013. Stephanie represented the Netherlands at the Miss Universe pageant in Moskou, Russia. As Jacqueline was a big succes at the Miss World 2013 pageant Stephany had an hard act to follow. We saw a lot of pictures of Stephanie on the internet as many photographers had noticed the blond bombshell from Amsterdam. It was a very strong group of contestants this year.
For the first time since Donald Trump is the owner of Miss Universe there were no Trump-picks this year and many believed she would have certainly be one of those and make the semi-finals. The glam-shot by Fadil Berisha stood out from the rest and was according to many (including us) one of the best from 2013.
During the preliminaries Stephany showed the universe her perfect skills after her one year of preparation for the international pageant as she was crowned in december 2012. Hopes were very high but in the end she just missed the top 16.

Pictures are all the official Miss Universe pictures shot by Fadil Barisha.

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