Kim’s 5 so far, Miss World….

Historical 24 nov 2014
Kim’s 5 so far, Miss World….

The Miss World pageant has started last week and the Netherlands is represented by Tatjana Maul. She is the 6th girl Kim Kötter sends to this prestigieus pageant. Although Miss Kötter never participated in Miss World since her reign as national director 3 out of 5 girls made it to the semi-finals and it seems that she has an eye to pick out the right girl for Miss World.
Let’s review Kim’s 5 so far at Miss World….

167351_498426014661_575904661_5912163_2404691_n2009, Avalon-Chanel Weijzig

Avalon won the Miss Universe Netherlands pageant in 2009. After that Kim got the official Miss Nederland title and the Miss World license. Although Avalon was a real Miss Universe beauty queen Kim decided to appoint her Miss Nederland 2009 and also to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant in South Africa.
She was and is a beautiful and very sexy Miss Nederland and maybe that’s the reason that she did not make the semi-finals at the Miss World pageant.
Since her reign she tried her luck as an international model and as a singer.


2010, Desiree van den Berg

In 2010 Kim also obtained the Miss Earth license and Kim decided that Miss Nederland would represent our country at all 3 pageants.
After an sensational show in the Efteling, Desiree van de Berg was crowned Miss Nederland 2010 and would therefore go to all 3 international pageants. When Desiree won we knew we had an strong contender for the Miss World pageant. Desiree also told us that it was dream of her to go to the Miss World pageant so she was very happy that she had won.
After the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, Desiree went to China for her second pageant: the Miss World pageant. She became a top 20 finalist at the Beach Beauty fast track and in the end she was a top 25 semi-finalist. This was Kim’s first succes as a national director.
After her reign she went back to her medicine studies and was also a participant in the RTL5 television-show: “Love in the Wild” where she tried to find the love of her life.

WVW_07762011, Jill de Robles

In 2011 Kim brought back the provincial beauty queens. Her aim was to have 12 provincial pageants so she gave out licenses to organizations throughout the Netherlands. She managed to have 9 finals and the other 3 where chosen during a casting in those 3 provinces. Stefan and Robin from Miss Holland Now were the proud organizers of the Miss Drenthe pageant. Drenthe is a small province in the north-east of the Netherlands.
For these 12 beauty queens it was a very exciting pageant as the girls became real life soaps stars in the televesion-show: “Ik, Miss Nederland”. However they were not the main characters in this program. The program was built around the coaches who coached the girls even as far as in Thailand. All Miss Holland Now team members were coaches in this program.
Another change was that there would be a Team Miss Nederland, consisting of the 3 representatives of Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss World.
For the fist time in history Miss Drenthe, Jill de Robles won one of the titles, the Miss Nederland World title. For years the Miss World had been in organized in exotic places like China and South Africa but Jill had the honor to go to rainy and cold Londen.
Like Avalon in 2009, Jill was probably to sexy for the Miss World organization. Besides that she made the news by setting of the sprinklers at the official Miss World Hotel by hanging her evening gown on the sprinkler. We are not sure if this had any influence on the judging but Jill did not place as a semi-finalist.
After her reign Jill went back to study. Nowadays she is in a relationship with dutch speed skater champion Kjeld Nuis.

foto 32012, Nathalie den Dekker

Due to the continuous changing dates of the Miss World and the Miss Universe pageant in 2012 Kim decided to have the Miss Nederland pageant in december and team Miss Nederland would be chosen for 2013 out of the provincial beauty queens chosen in 2012.
Beauty pageant veteran Nathalie den Dekker was crowned Miss Nederland World 2012 and later appointed Miss Nederland 2012 as she represented the Netherlands also at the Miss Universe pageant that year.
Nathalie made a huge impression during the fast tracks of the Miss World pageant in Inner Mongolia, China. She made the finals or the semi-finals of 3 of the fast track events: Sports, Multi Media and Beach fashion and in the end she reached the top 15, an outstanding achievement.
Nathalie went on after the Miss Universe pageant to be first runner-up at the Miss International 2013 pageant and is now living in the orient where she works as a model.

1175394_10151790896389266_1114830162_n2013, Jacqueline Steenbeek

The midwife and nurse who became a beauty queen. It sounds like a very tale but it happened to Jacqueline Steenbeek in december 2012 when she won the Miss Nederland World 2013 crown. Earlier that year she had won the Miss Noord Brabant pageant unanimously.
She was not the typical pageant girl with her curly hair when she left for Indonesia to represent the Netherlands. She participated in almost all fast track events and she won the sports challenge. It was for the first time in the history of the Miss World fast track events since 2003, that a dutch girl won one the challenges. After this huge succes, she placed 12th out of the 127 participants and became a top 20 semi-finalist.
Nowadays she lives abroad and is in a relationship with a dutch soccer player.

Photo credits: Willem van Walderveen (Desiree van den Berg & Jill de Robles), Otto van den Toorn (Avalon-Chanel Weijzig) and Dutch Photo (Nathalie den Dekker & Jacqueline Steenbeek)

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