Let’s meet Fleur van den Brule, 12 Months of Beauty finalist 2022

Let’s meet Fleur van den Brule, 12 Months of Beauty finalist 2022

The second candidate to answer our 4 questions is Fleur van den Brule.

She is one of the 8 women in THE SEARCH 22 who are in the race to become Miss Grand Netherlands 2022 or Miss Supranational Netherlands 2022.

Who is Fleur van den Brule?

My name is Fleur van den Brule and I am 25 years old and live in Oldenzaal, Overijssel. I studied Automotive Business Management and I work as a Marketeer for Twente region. I like to be creative and would like to implement my social media strategies to companies. My hobbies are going to the gym, cooking and travelling. Especially in Southeast Asia! Because of the food and culture. 

 Why did you enter the pageant of 12 Months of Beauty?

Well I follow 12 Months of Beauty for a long time on Instagram and followed the journeys to the international finals. Last year I saw their casting call in December and I thought this is my chance to show what I ‘ve got. I also want to show girls and women to speak up about gender equality and learn them to use their inner power! This pageant has a large reach and it offers the opportunity to be a role model.

What difference would you like to make for the pageant world in the Netherlands and why?

I recently had to deal with sexual harassment. Since this moment I have come to realize that this happens way too easy and often. Since this situation I feel responsible for the girls and women. Especially in the area where I live. Nobody talks about this situation because they are afraid of being judged. Or they think: ‘Why should I talk if nobody can helps me?’ I want to make impact and that’s why I’m talking to the municipality of Oldenzaal to make sure girls know where to go if something like this happens to them. That they will feel safe again and know that it is okay to talk about it! And after Oldenzaal, I want to continue with region Twente and then the whole country. That is my way to make a difference, to create impact.

What message do you have for your pageant fans?

Tap into your inner power and create impact!
Don’t compare yourself to others and believe in your own power! Show everyone that you exists and that you are not just alive, that’s how we create impact. To share our stories to the right people, it can change the world. 

Photographer Marcel Schwab
Jewelry BaroQco
Hair and Make up Fleur van den Brule
Location Pro Fotoshoot Studio


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