Let’s meet Serena Darder Aguilar, 12 Months of Beauty finalist 2022

Let’s meet Serena Darder Aguilar, 12 Months of Beauty finalist 2022

We asked the candidates of  THE SEARCH 22 from 12 Months of Beauty 4 questions during their Online Media Tour.
Every day we will post the interview with one of the candidates.

Today we start with Serena Darder Aguilar


Who is Serena Darder Aguilar?

Serena Darder Aguilar is a 21 year old woman, who was born and raised in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Overall I would describe myself as a warm-hearted, studious and hardworking person, with a deep love for cultures, languages and people. Therefore, I did not come as a surprise to many that I decided to study InternationalStudies after I graduated from high school, while taking several language classes on the side. Studying cultures is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, as it has allowed me to build a deep respect and sense of empathy for others through celebrating the similarities and differences between people. I suppose you could therefore call me a global citizen, as I am someone who attempts to spread awareness and understands the wider world, and my place in it. 

Why did you enter the pageant of 12 Months of Beauty?

Like some of the other contestants who are participating this year, this is not the first time I am participating in the pageant of 12 Months of Beauty. After having met Robin, one of the national directors of the pageant, on numerous occasions and having spoken to him I got curious about the titels of Miss Grand Netherlands and Miss Supranational Netherlands. In 2020, I therefore made the decision to give it a go and participate. Although I did not end up winning any of the titels that year, it motivated me to work on myself. I did not only grow tremendously, but I also found my passion in life, which is to fight for equality of chance. Being a stronger and more confident woman today, I found myself ready to show the Netherlands I am capable of bringing back a crown to our beautiful country, which is why I am in the race for one of the titels once again. 

What difference would you like to make for the pageant world in The Netherlands and why?

Unfortunately many people still have a very old fashioned and outdated interpretation of beauty pageants, especially in a country such as the Netherlands. I strife to bring change is this perception, as a beauty pageant is more than beautiful women and handsome men walking on a stage. Beauty pageants provide young people with the tools to voice their concerns, speak their truth and bring change to causes where change is needed. A participant of a beauty is therefore a modern and self-aware person, who simultaneously embodies the concept of glamour, fashion and natural beauty. 

What message do you have for your pageant fans?

We’ve all been disappointed by people at least once in our lifetime. We’ve taken risks, only to fall flat on our face and feel humiliated for our efforts. Maybe people have even made you feel diminished or you didn’t get your needs met at a time that you desperately needed support. Over time these experiences might keep you from believing that you deserve more. However, despite of how many times life has thrown a curveball at you, do not let it break you. You cannot allow yourself to be diminished by others, as you must never loose sight of your inner beauty, your worth and your potential. At the end of the day we are all human and everyone deserves to be loved and treated with respect, even if you make mistakes. So, do not let anyone tell you that you are not worthy of someone’s time and energy, because you are enough!

Thank you for your time to answer the 4 questions, Serena.
Good luck on the upcoming finals on Sunday, April 24th, when the new Miss Grand Netherlands and Miss Supranational Netherlands will be crowned.

Photographer Johnny ten Have
Jewelry BaroQco
Hair Sanjay Ramcharan for Addict Haarlem
Make up Seductive Glamor
Location Pro Fotoshoot Studio


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