Let’s meet the girls for Miss Nederland, Farrieda Smit

news 21 jun 2017
Let’s meet the girls for Miss Nederland, Farrieda Smit

Miss Nederland 2017 has started!

On sunday june 4th, 12 girls were selected out of a group of 100 contestants to be a Miss Nederland 2017 finalist. Miss Nederland 2017 will represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. Since last year the Miss Nederland organization is no longer francise-holder for the Miss World pageant.

For the past few years the winners of the Miss Nederland pageant became more and more famous in the Netherlands. Jessie Jazz is one of the most photographed girls for dutch magazines and was also seen in the popular TV program “Robinson Island”. Our queen from last year, Zoey Ivory, will be seen in ” Dance Dance Dance”. Also a very popular TV program on dutch television.

Off course the girls from this edition hope to win the crown, designed by BaroQco and become a celebrity for at least one year…..

Who are these girls? Let’s meet them……

Farrieda Smit

she is just 23 years old, but when you read her biography you would think she is older. Farrieda Smit acted already in several series and also hosted commercials and other items for television.
Farrieda is the second candidate that we introduce to you who lives in Amsterdam. She is for many probably a newcomer in the world of beauty pageants as he did not participate in beauty pageants before, as fas as we know.
But she reached already the 71st spot in the dutch FHM top 500 this year. Could this be an omen? Zoey Ivory, Miss Nederland 2016, also managed to be in the FHM 500 last year at number 55 and she was also not very known at the time she was crowned Miss Nederland 2016.

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