MHN 50, first judge and her first Nominee

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MHN 50, first judge and her first Nominee

Proud to introduce to you our first judge for the MHN50. Melissa Peusens is the is the woman behind Miss Netherlands Support. We believe she has a very great opinion on who who should be in our MHN50 as she follows all the dutch girls and women both national as international.

Melissa will introduce herself and also her first nominee:

I was asked who would be the first queen who I would nominate for the MHN50. I didn’t have to think for a long time. The first beauty pageant I saw live was Miss Universe 2014. And everybody who watched the show as well, knows it was a lucky shot. ‘OUR’ Miss Netherlands 2014, Yasmin Verheijen, placed 3rd runner up. I know, I literally almost fell from my chair, when she was called out to be in the top 15. You can guess my enthousiasm as we could interview her at that moment about her placement. After that, she came up in her gorgeous yellow evening gown and she was the centre of the attention. Meanwhile Yasmin already was in the Top10. But the most exciting moment was about to happen: Yasmin was called out to be in the top 5! Yasmin did not know what was happening and neither was I; I was jumping up and down in my living room after the announcement! I was extremely proud of her, so I went on following beauty pageants instantly, and I was sold …

Thank you, Yasmin for this memorable achievement and memory. It should not be a surprise that Yasmin his the first queen I nominate for MHN50.
My name is Melissa, and I am the face behind Miss Netherlands Support.

Thanks Melissa that you want to take the time to be one of our judges, we are very honored…

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