MHN 50, Saadia Himi

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MHN 50, Saadia Himi

The beautiful Miss Earth Netherlands 2004, Saadia Himi is one of our all time favorite queens. Robin of Miss Holland Now, personally nominated Saadia.
In 2003 her first pageant was the Miss Gelderland pageant. Although it is 14 years ago that Saadia won the Miss Earth Netherlands pageant and she represented the Netherlands at the Miss Earth pageant, she is still very involved in the beauty pageant world. When she is not a judge, she is in the audience supporting all girls and guys participating. In 2015 we asked her 10 questions and one of the questions was: “Although you don’t participate in beauty pageants any more, you still are involved in beauty pageants. In what way do you do that, and how is your future in beauty pageants (or not)?”
She answered: “Beauty pageants belong to a special and memorable chapter of my life, therefore I still follow some international pageants like Miss Universe because I can feel the excitement of the pageant. Sometimes I receive invitations to judge beauty pageants as I have judged many pageants in the past. I also love to give pageant advice to young women who compete in pageants today. I don’t think I will compete in pageants in the future, but you might still see me judging or hosting a pageant.”
In 2009 she also represented the Netherlands at the Miss Civilization of the World and in 2011 she participated in Miss All Nations, where she made the semi-finals.
In 2007 we produced our 12 Months of Beauty Calendar. When we asked Saadia if she wanted to participate in this project, she said yes immediately. Her picture was not only used inside the calendar but also as the cover.
Saadia is the 4th nominee and therefore she is one of the Top 150 queens for the MHN50.

picture by: Anita Veldman for 12 Months of Beauty

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