MHN50, at 4, Yasmin Verheijen

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MHN50, at 4, Yasmin Verheijen

The number 4 spot of MHN 50 is for Miss Nederland Universe 2014, the absolutely beautiful Yasmin Verheijen

On 4, Miss Nederland Universe 2014, Yasmin Verheijen

Yasmin was born in Amsterdam on Februari 17th, 1994
When she was crowned Miss Nederland Universe 2014, she was a student of interior design in Amsterdam. She is a real example of the dutch multicultural society as she is from indian, german and indonesian descent.

During the finals of Miss Universe 2014, all of the dutch pageant minded people in The Netherlands and all over the world were watching and getting very excited when Yasmin survived round after round and in the end became 3rd runner up.
The last time Netherlands placed at the Miss Universe pageant was in 2011, with Kelly Weekers, and becoming a finalist was last in 1992, when Vivian Jansen made the Top 6.
Yasmin proved with this achievement that a dutch girl still can become a finalist at the Miss Universe pageant.
So 2014 was a turning point in dutch pageantry, and lots of girls got interested in participating in pageants.

After her year as Miss Nederland Universe, Yasmin became an IT girl in the dutch society and she still is a popular model in magazines.
She even made the gossips when she was the girlfriend of dutch soccer player of Khalid Boulahrouz.
Like many of the former Miss Nederland queens, she is involved in the Miss Nederland Organization.
Nowadays she still influences lots of young people with her impeccable style and her healthy way of life.

All the MHN50 judges agreed that Yasmin had to be in the top 5.
Judge Melissa Peusens told us that the the first beauty pageant she saw live was Miss Universe 2014, with Yasmin. What a start of a pageant career.
A lot of contemporary dutch queens say that Yasmin is a big example for our pageant community, so a deserved 4th spot for Yasmin.

Congratulations Yasmin!

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