MHN50, Top 10 public votes

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MHN50, Top 10 public votes

After weeks of voting and counting 1000’s of votes we finally can give you the top 10 of the public votes.
Who won the public vote and got the maximum of 25 points of the public we will reveal the up-coming week.

For now here are the 1o with the most votes from the audience in random order. The people could vote via Instagram and Facebook.

  • Julia Goosens
  • Josephine Onderdonck
  • Graziella Scholtes
  • Caro Boonen
  • Hatice van Riet
  • Michelle van Sonsbeek
  • Nikki Prein
  • Laura Herman
  • Farisha Abdoelrahman
  • Kimberley Xhofleer

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