Miss Beauty and Teen of Groningen 2024

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Miss Beauty and Teen of Groningen 2024

After the host of the evening, Marit Beets, asked the audience to tell her who they supported, the audience showed no hesitation and all came to the beautiful host to tell her just that. One of the organization had to tell her to go back to the stage to announce the finalists, leaving many disappointed.
We from Miss Holland Now were honored by the invitation from the president of the Miss Beauty of Groningen, Christina Lazaros, not only to attend the finals but also to give our votes to the girls as Robin was seated at the judges table. Stefan was there accompanied by the as always beautiful Miss Grand Netherlands 2023 and 5th runner-up Miss Grand International, Melissa Bottema.
For Melissa it was a special evening, as this was the the 10 edition of the pageant, and she was Miss Intercontinental Groningen 2021. Also for us this was a special evening as Stefan was one of the judges at the first Miss Beauty of Groningen, back in 2015.
But so far for all the emotion we had, let’s go to this year’s final.
This years final’s of MBOG was held in the small village of Winschoten at the “cultuurhuis de Klinker”. Eighteen Teens and fifteen beauties all gave their best to conquer one of the provincial crowns and a ticket to represent their province at the national finals of Miss Teen and Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2024.
The show was fast and there was never a dull moment as even the breaks were tightly timed. At the invitation it was said that the end time would be 23:20, but we were already heading back home at that time.
It was not an easy task to find the winners as there were several girls who really stood out during the pre-pageant activities. Some of these girls showed their potential also during the finals but there were also who really popped out this evening. Luckily for Robin he was not the only judge this evening he was seated between the president of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands and Miss Earth Netherlands 2022 and Miss Asia Pacific International 2016, Tessa Le Conge, and the always lovely president of Miss Groningen and Miss Intercontinental Groningen 2017, Christina Lazaros. The panel of judges also included, Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2023, Mevy Lumamuly, the outgoing Miss Teen and Miss Beauty of Groningen 2023, Evelien and Niamh, catwalk coach of the Beauty of the Netherlands, Reggie Henriquez, Mister Supranational Netherlands 2016, Rico Mallee and Ilja Hemmen, a model from Groningen. The judges’ votes combined with the preliminary votes had to determine the final 8 for the Teens and the final 5 for the Beauties. These judges had to vote for several rounds: the introduction round, swimwear round, evening wear and for the finalists the hashtag round.
After the introduction round, the first special awards and the first break, it was time for the part we always love: the swimwear round and it was this year no exception. The girls were wearing white swimwear walking and dancing to the sound of the Brazilian band who accompanied the finalists with a catchy beat.
As most girls knew the evening wear could be their last round, because after this the finalists would be announced, we noticed some nerves during this section.
Who would make the finals? The Teens that stood out for us were: Charissa, who showed she could well be a topmodel in the future or maybe a top beauty queen, Eva, who had one of the strongest faces of the evening, Rilana, who won the Miss Photogenic award and Miss Popularity, and the very fresh and cheery Liora and Maaike. Aline showed that special international vibe while Carice was the most radiant on stage the whole evening. All but Rilana made the top 8 that also included Cassie and Sophie. For us it ws quite a surprise that Rilana did not make it, as she won 2 awards.
The outstanding beauties for us were: the cheerful Divine, the blonde beauty Julia and Judith, who had such a great stage presence. A great surprise for us was Wanda who we did not notice before the finals but who really stood out this evening. All these 4  together with Noa made the top 5.
The 13 finalist all had to respond to an hashtag. As we noticed the nerves during the evening wear, during this round we noticed that the nerves had not gone at all. Some of the girls stopped during their answer and there were some who answered in a way as the did not understand the hashtag.
ter a short break the finals results were announced: Miss Teen of Groningen 2024 is Liora with Carice and Sophie being first and second runner-up. Miss Beauty of Groningen 2024 is Divine with Julia and Wanda as first and second runner-up.
It was a flashy and fast show that really impressed us with a very professional Marit as the host. It seems that she improves every time, more confident and witty when the show asked for it.
The president of the Beauty of Groningen, Christina can start with the preparations for the national finals with two great queens who both will also impress the national judges.

Thank you so much Christina for inviting us and give us the honor to be a judge.

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