Miss Beauty and Teen of Zuid Holland 2024

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Miss Beauty and Teen of Zuid Holland 2024

The weather forecast for Sunday December 3rd didn’t promise us a friendly ride to Barendrecht, where the finals of Miss Beauty and Miss Teen of Zuid Holland 2024 would take place. But although the weather was  cold and snowy outside, inside the theatre we witnessed a warm and radiant show with a very enthusiastic audience. Robin and Stefan from Miss Holland Now were accompenied by Miss Supranational Netherlands 2023, Luna Stienstra and her lovely mother.
The year 2024 is a special year for the largest pageant in the Netherlands, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.
As customary the show was hosted by one of the queens from the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands organization. Miss Earth Netherlands 2019, Nikki Prein, had the honors to host the first provincial Miss Beauty pageant for 2024. Nikki can be called and allrounder as it comes to hosting a show, very professional and with a lot of knowledge of pageantry. She can really draw the audience into the show.
One of the tasks of the host is to introduce the judges. Among this year’s panel we saw Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland 2023, Sasha Verhoef, who also became 1st runner up at the national finals. Her pageant sister, Puck de Vette, Miss Teen of Zuid Holland was also a judge. The Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland 2020/2021, Saartje Langstraat, the only girl from the province of Zuid Holland to win the national Miss Beauty of the Netherlands title so far, is the official catwalk coach of this pageant, was also a judge.
The last member we will call is the one and only Milou Verhoeks, the founder of the pageant and our first and so far only MHN top 50 winner.
The judges had a hard task to select two new winners as it was a large group of beauties and teens. We saw some familiar faces in the group of contestants. Jamie Kaffa, Super Model Netherlands 2021, represented our country at the international finals of Super Model Universe 2021. Uloma Onyemma, Miss Teen of Zuid Holland 2022 and finalist of Miss Supranational Netherlands 2023. Besides these two, some of the girls already participated in the provincial pageant in previous years.
The show started with a sparkling opening dance where the girls were wearing red dresses. After Nikki welcomed us, the girls introduced themselves and changed backstage into the swimwear for the swimwear competition following the introduction round.
At the very happy and gay music provided by the DJ on stage the girls showed their bikini bodies to the audience and the judges. The girls all seemed to be enjoying this part of the show. Although some of the contestants had some difficulty with the “golden wings” it looked like they were trying to fly away by moving enthusiastically.
Before the break some of the girls were awarded with a special award: Ilse Visser: Miss Media, Roos Pruijsen: Miss Photogenic, and Melissa Giessen: Miss Sport.
During the break we talked about the girls that had a chance to win in our opinion. But we know that in pageantry everything can change after the evening wear round. We had been noticing the two girls with the same name: Roos for both Miss Teen and Miss Beauty, but also Melice and Stacy could be the winner for Miss Teen of Zuid Holland. For Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland we noticed besides Roos, Melissa Giessen and Uloma, who all three could make the top 3. Jamie and Sterre also did a great pageant.
When the evening wear round was finished the last special awards were handed out: Femmy Heemskerk won Miss Popularity and Miss Congeniality, Roos Hoppenbrouwers also won the Miss Charity award and Miss Naaz, while Shanty Sewnath  was sashed as Miss Challenge.
But now the excitement really started when Nikki gave us the top 8 for both titles and all girls we noticed made the top 8. All 16 finalist had to respond to a hashtag they picked from a bowl. We noticed many nerves during this round and some of the girls only used 10 secondes of the 30 they could use to talk about the subject they randomly picked.
Our opinion did not change. For the Teens it could be the beautiful Roos, the radiant Melice or the strong Stacy.
For the Beauty the judges could go for be the statuesque Uloma, the lovely Roos or the power of Melissa.
But before we would know the new winners, we had to say goodbye to Sasha and Puck, last years team of Zuid Holland, who had done a great job during there reign and showed so much growth in both their personal and pageant life.

We were right! The top 3 three of both titles were the girls we noticed. And the province of Zuid Holland will be represented by two girls who have the same name: Roos. Roos means rose in english, so two beautiful flowers will try to win the national crowns at the national finals later in 2024. The other provinces have to work hard as the bar is put high!

After the finals we would rush back home because of the blizzards, but it looked like the warmth inside the theatre had melted the snow, and the roads to Amsterdam were clear.

Thanks to the organization of Miss Beauty of Zuid Holland and especially Marit Beets, who invited us to the finals.

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