10 questions for: Noa Claus, Miss Earth NL 2023 and Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2023

10 questions for: Noa Claus, Miss Earth NL 2023 and Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2023

In a fully crowned Studio 21 Noa Claus was crowned both Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2023 and Miss Earth Netherlands 2023. 
Noa is the 6th Miss Beauty that will represent The Netherlands at the Miss Earth pageant and so far all her predecessors have made the top 10 or the top 8, so hopes are high that she will also be among the top at this years pageant that will be held in Vietnam on December 6th.
But we hope this year that our dutch queen will bring back one of the crowns. Every element would be great but why not root for the Miss Earth title.

We asked Noa 1o questions to get her to know a little better.

Who is Noa Claus?
Who is Noa Claus? I am a hardworking and loving person. In my daily live I work as a model and I just finished my study Travel and Hospitality. Traveling in a sustainable way always was a huge element during college. For me it is important to combine my heart for our earth with my work and show people how you can travel in a better and more sustainable way. what really makes me happy is to connect with nature. Ever since I was a young girl my parents always taught me about the importance of our earth. Walking through the forest and clearing my mind but also enjoying all beauty of nature, is what I love doing the most. That is why the title Miss Earth Netherlands is close to my heart. Besides working as a model, I also teach young children about deforestation and show them what we can do about it. If we learn from a young age how we can do better for our earth, we can do so much better.

When and why did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I entered the world of beauty patents just this year. I was ready for a new adventure so I joined Miss Beauty of Overijssel. I wanted to grow as a person but I also wanted to let my voice be heard.  There are so many issues nowadays that we should address. The beauty pageant remains challenging every day. You learn new things and develop yourself as a young woman. That’s what I really love about that. Life is about challenging yourself. I’m really glad I signed up, because I’m so much stronger now than I was before.

You won Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2023 and with this title, also Miss Earth Netherlands 2023. What is the difference between the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands and the Miss Earth Netherlands title for you?
To me, both titles mean a lot. For me my Miss Earth Netherland sash is a start of something really special. An opportunity to let my voice be heard to a bigger crowd, worldwide! I can’t wait to go to Vietnam and meet all my Earth sisters and combine our voices and show the world, rather the earth, what we stand for. My Miss Beauty title is also really special and important to me because that is where it all started. This stands for the pageant in the Netherlands and the start for all the girls who are willing to become a beauty queen in the Netherlands.

How are you preparing for the Miss Earth pageant?
I know my strengths and my areas of improvement. We are just starting but have a really busy time ahead with environmental activities, photoshoots and speech training, but also preparing for interviews and making sure I know everything I need to know. In the meantime, I keep sharing my voice on my Instagram platform to inspire others and learn them more about deforestation.

The Netherlands have made the top 8 in Miss Earth many times, what are you going to do, to home one of the 4 crowns?…
The last few years the Netherlands has done an amazing job at Miss Earth and all the Dutch queens who were before me are an inspiration to me! My goal is to make it to the top, that means hard work but that is definitely worth it. I want to achieve this by being and staying myself. I don’t want to pretend to be anything other than who I am in order to get into the top 4, the Miss Earth organization needs to see who Noa is. I want to learn to use my voice as a strength. In a way to persuade people to do better for the earth. If I can do this, I hope I can secure a spot in the top 4. If I get into the top 4 that would already be such an honor. All 4 spots have something special. But of course, we are going for the Miss Earth crown!
…And which of the 4 element-crowns suits you the best and why?
Of course, the Miss Earth crown. That is what I am aiming for. As a Miss Earth you have a bigger platform to spread your message. I would love to be an example for the earth and show others how we can improve our behavior, especially on deforestation.

More and more beauty pageants skip the swimsuit segment in their pageant / final show.
What’s your opinion about that?
Personally, the bikini/swimsuit round gives me the biggest thrill. I take pride in women and their beauty and in a neat way you can show it at this round. In my eyes it is not about walking in a bikini but showing everybody that you are confident and proud of yourself. I do understand the question people are asking themselves and think it is both okay to do. Whether it is still a part of the show or not, it does not make a pageant better or less good in my eyes.

If there was a dish called Noa, name 3 ingredients which are absolutely necessary and why?
This is a really fun question! Since I am Dutch Cheese is one of the most important ingredients, there is no Noa without cheese. The second ingredient will be Sambal, because on stage I love to be fiery. The third ingredient will be sugar, because I am a really sweet and loving girl from the inside! With a little bit creativity and more ingredients think this will be a delicious dish.

Miss Beauty of the Netherlands supports the Linda Foundation. Can you tell us more about this Foundation, and what is your contribution to this cause?
The LINDA FOUNDATION raises money for families in the Netherlands who are struggling financially. Unfortunately, it still happens that not everyone can have an easy social life. My family and friends helped me donate money, I collected bottles for deposit money and I put a jar in different places where people could put money in. Besides that, I held several actions to raise money. In total, the organization raised €132,028 through all the finalists!

What will be your legacy?
I want to be remembered as a hard working but loving titleholder. Even if I only touch one human being, I will consider my reign a success because every individual counts. I want to inspire others to take better care of our earth and forests in particular. I hope to be remembered as a queen who inspired others and who has made a difference for our earth.

What is your message for your fans in the Netherlands and abroad.
My message is: believe in yourself and in your dreams, because you are worthy. While believing in yourself please be gentle to our earth because there is only one. It is our job to protect her. With small actions we can create a huge outcome. Never think it won’t help because all the small things you do WILL help. Please stand with me and stop deforestation. The trees are the lungs of our earth and provide us of oxygen. Without them live would not be like it is right now. After all we all want the same beautiful earth for the next generations, right?

Thank you so much Noa for all your great answers and that you took some time in your busy preparations to answer our 10 questions.
we wish you all the best of luck with the preparations and the pageant.

Also a big thanks to the Miss Beauty organization for all your work and this year especially Nikki Prein, who made these answers possible!

photos: Roy Froma



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