New pageant, Miss Avantgarde….

news 19 jun 2015
New pageant, Miss Avantgarde….

A new pageant in the Netherlands: Miss Avantgarde Netherlands….

Miss Avantgarde Netherlands is part of Acade-miss.
Acade-miss is an organization in the field of beauty, concerning coaching, training and design. David Cardenas and Vicky Zimmerman started Acade-miss and it evolved into Miss Avantgarde Netherlands.

In 2015 they started with a yearly event in the field of durability. Beauty, art, creativity, appearance and environmental awareness are the focal points during this event.

One of the goals of Miss Avantgarde is give young designers between 18 and 35 years old the chance to expand their creative side and at the same time be aware how to use materials in a environmental conscious way. The final award is the title of ‚Best Recycling Designer’

Besides the opportunity Miss Avantgarde gives to young designers, there is another goal: to let young women between 18 and 25 years old grow in their beauty, appearance and socially. They get the chance to present and connect to a project which is environmentally friendly or which raises awareness during the Miss Avantgarde pageant. The winner will be the ambassador of Miss Avantgarde and she will realize her project together with the organization.

Miss Avantgarde will represent the Netherlands abroad in a similar international beauty pageant. She will wear the creation of the winning designer, so he/she will get international publicity.

Miss Avantgarde Netherlands is more than just a beauty pageant. Working with Miss Avantgarde Netherlands means involvement with the subject of durability. A topic which the fashion and beauty world cannot exclude nowadays.

With this pageant we aim to create a platform where we state that environmental awareness and durability also belong in the fashion and beauty business, without making the subject too significant. We want to let people get acquainted with the hip side of durability.

The finals will be in november 2015

For more information, visit the website

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