Pic of the Week, Miss Maja Holland

Pic of the Week, Miss Maja Holland

jan 13 – jan 19

newspaper: Telegraaf
date: 18-04-1973

To fly to Spain and come back in just one day. Thats what Mieke Nugteren did yesterday, just being 19 being Miss Maja Holland. She made the trip to present the mayor of Almeria, a beautiful touristic town at the souther beaches of Spain, some tulips, cheese and cigars. This because of the first flight of Airtouropa to this town.
Mieke Nugteren from Scheveningen is in daily life a secretary. She also runs a successful modeling agency in The Hague. Successfully, because there is a shortage of this kind of agency’s in our residence.
By the way, Mieke is the best costumer of her own agency. At the end of may she will go to Spain again to represent the Netherlands at  the “Certamen la Maja Internacional”, “Miss Maja International.


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