Queens in Zines, Marga Scheide in Weekend

Queens in Zines, Marga Scheide in Weekend

Last week would have been the Grand Prix of Zandvoort for the first time since 1985. Due to the corona crisis, this event didn’t take place, like many other events this year.

Many times Formula 1 races are associated with beautiful girls.
In the 70s and 80s there even was a Miss Grand Prix when the races were still held in Zandvoort.
Most people know the first woman to win the Miss Grand Prix title as one of the singers from the popular girl group LUV from the 70s and 80s. But Marga Scheide also participated in Miss Holland in 1971, Miss Holland 1972, where she was 2nd RU, Miss Holland 1973 and Miss Holland 1977 2nd RU.
She represented The Netherlands at Miss Young International 1972 and Miss Europa 1975, where she won Miss Elegance and was a semi finalist.

Weekend 1976/nr 42 October 16th 1976

The “Problem” of James Hunt

Recently we had the election of “Miss Grand Prix 1976” in Zandvoort.
In the jury we had amongst others, JAMES HUNT from Marbella. For womanizer Hunt it should undoubtedly have been a pleasure to kiss the winner.
It was Marga Scheide from Amsterdam, who won as main prize a 14 day trip to Greece for 2 persons.
But in stead of a crown, the winner had to put on a helmet on her head this time. This is why the race driver could not kiss her on the cheek. What a pity …

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