They made it, part 2: Kelly Weekers

Historical 06 jan 2017
They made it, part 2: Kelly Weekers

It’s almost that time again, the Miss Universe pageant. The Netherlands have won this prestigious title once, back in 1989, when Angela Visser did get the crown. The dutch delegates have been a favorite on many Miss Universe pageants, but not that many made the cut.
Many believe, Miss Nederland 2016, Zoey Ivery, will make the cut this year and become one of the top 5. That would mean that she will be the 14th girl to become a semi-finalist. When she would become a finalist, Zoey would just be the 6th girl from the Netherlands to be one.
Who are the girls that made it…?

2011, Kelly Weekers, semi-finalist

The first time Miss Nederland choose not one winner, but three. The three crowned would be called: Team Miss Nederland and would represent the Netherlands at Miss Earth 2011, Miss World 2011 and Miss Universe 2011.
From the moment Kelly Weekers was crowned Miss Limburg 2011 and entered the top 12 of the Miss Nederland 2011 pageant she was a big favorite for the Miss Universe crown together with Miss Drenthe, Jill de Robles (Miss World Nederland 2011), Luna Voce (Miss Universe Italy 2013) and Mary-Anne Kammeron.
After a week in Thailand the finals were no surprise as Kelly won the Miss Universe crown and went to Brazil to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Universe 2011 pageant.
The moment Kelly set food on Brazilian soil she was a favorite among the fans and pageant watchers. Many believed she would become a semi-finalist or even a top 10 finalist. People compared her with a living doll. So no surprise when Kelly was called out as one of top 16. Unfortunately after the bikini-round she didn’t move on to the top 10. But the dutch pageant fans were very happy, as  they hand’t seen a dutch woman place at the miss Universe pageant since 1992.
After the pageant, Kelly finished her studies as a psychologist and is currently working as one. She is engaged with famous dutch composer, John Ewbank and they expect to have a child any moment.

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