Who will be Miss Universe 2016?

news 21 jan 2017
Who will be Miss Universe 2016?

Like so many websites and blogs we will also publish our favorites for the Miss Universe crown. We are half way of the pageant and who do we think will win the Miss Universe pageant. What do we think of Miss Netherlands Zoey? How did she compete so far.
We asked two pageant watchers to send in their top 15, top 10 and top 5: Chilton Sampono and Enrique Vasquez. Together with the top 15 of Robin from Miss Holland Now we came up with the results.
We will publish our halfway predictions tomorrow and next weekend our final predictions. We will also look at the way Miss Netherlands, Zoey Ivory has been doing so far.

The second Top 5 is from Robin Hoven – Lieuw Choy. He is the co-host of www.misshollandnow.com and together with Stefan he forms 12 Months of Beauty, who are responsible for the dutch representatives for several grand slam beauty pageants, male and female.

Robin’s Top 5 in random order and why:

  • Philippines: Maxine is not only a beautiful person but she is trained to keep the crown in the Philippines. The next back to back could be happening in a little more than a week. She’s exotic with a dash of royalty which we are all looking for in a Miss Universe.
  • Brasil: This beautiful country is always in my heart since I studied there a long time ago. Since the moment she was crowned Miss Brasil, I was a fan of this exotic beauty. She looks like a star and proved that she can be the next Miss Universe.
  • Indonesia: Kezia is again an exotic beauty who does extremely well at this pageant. In every picture she looks stunning, and every outfit she wears like a queen. Indonesia has now been discovered as the next beauty pageant giant, and Kezia will for sure contribute to this succes.
  • Venezuela: Very well prepared in every way, Mariam will rock the final stage of this Miss Universe pageant, as she already did throughout the competition. She’s an angel sent to us to win the 8th Miss Universe crown for her beloved Venezuela.
  • USA: Of course Deshauna will do an excellent job: she’s not only beautiful and trained, she has a winner’s mentality due to her job in the army and she uses it in an elegant and professional way. Miss Universe needs all this in their new winner.

Will these 5 also be in the overall top 5 we will publish tomorrow?

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