Who will be Miss Universe 2016?

news 22 jan 2017
Who will be Miss Universe 2016?

Like so many websites and blogs we will also publish our favorites for the Miss Universe crown. We are half way of the pageant and who do we think will win the Miss Universe pageant. What do we think of Miss Netherlands Zoey? How did she compete so far.
We asked two pageant watchers to send in their top 15, top 10 and top 5: Chilton Sampono and Enrique Vasquez. Together with the top 15 of Robin from Miss Holland Now we came up with the results.
We will publish our halfway predictions tomorrow and next weekend our final predictions. We will also look at the way Miss Netherlands, Zoey Ivory has been doing so far.

The third pageant watcher is Enrique Vasquez, who lives in Amsterdam and has been a very critical pageant watcher. You can find him at many beauty pageants behind the scenes but also in the audience.

Who are his top 5 favorites:

  • Venezuela: Venezuela is Venezuela. I, personally, would not be surprised if Venezuela wins their 8th Miss Universe crown. After all, she is “La bomba dorada”, the golden bomb. Mariam is, certainly,very well trained, like any other Venezuelan beauty queen. She possesses great body language, posture, poise, elegance and communication skills. She has been doing very well throughout the Miss Universe pageant by winning two titles of sponsors, as well as, constantly being watched by the public.
  • Philippines: Being from the host country, Maxine has a very tough job as she has a lot of pressure from her fellow Philipinos for that magnificent and glorious back to back win. However, even if she does not win, the whole Philippines will remain immensely proud of her. I do believe she has all the requirements needed to become the next Miss Universe.
  • Netherlands: What can I say about this curly bombshell. She has been rising on the top of many hot picks throughout the internet, however, let’s see how she performs at the preliminaries. She is not the typical blond dutch girl. Her exotic features; curly hair, curves, long legs, caramel skin, make her stand out from the crowd. I do find that Zoey Ivory is (possibly) the strongest european candidate to beat. Some sparks of sassiness, attitude and angelic smile, will make her conquer the Miss Universe stage.
  • Mexico: This supreme Aztec girl is definitely a fighter, just like her ancestors. She has worked so hard, her development is incredible since she won the Mexican national crown. She received so many criticism during her reign, that Mexicans expect a lot of her. However, she is not unknown in the Philippines, after competing on the Miss Earth stage in 2013, she is more than ready to finally win the hearts of the Philippines. Watch out for her.
  • Thailand: Possibly the most gorgeous asian girl of this edition of Miss Universe. The Latinas should watch out as she is also a fighter and definitely wants to place. Chalita has a sexy body, fierce catwalk, and enough sassiness to wow the judges with. Her family background has a message that makes her want to win the universal crown and keep working hard to inspire young girls.

Will these 5 also be in the overall top 5 we will publish later today?

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