Will she be Miss World Netherlands 2017?

news 03 jul 2017
Will she be Miss World Netherlands 2017?

Will she be Miss World Netherlands 2017?

Talisa Wolters

If there is one girl in the Netherlands who has a lot of fans in Asia, it is very tall and very blond, Talisa Wolters. We saw her for the first time when she was participating in the semi-finals of Miss Overijssel 2012. She didn’t make that cut but in 2013 her national en international career as a beauty queen started. She entered the Miss Supranational Netherlands 2013 pageant, recommended by Robin of 12 Months of Beauty. Although she didn’t win the title she became the first Miss Grand Netherlands and represented the Netherlands at the first Miss Grand International pageant in Bangkok, Thailand. She was an instant hit and she became a top 20 semi-finalist.
This was her first of many international pageants. She participated in Miss Earth 2014, became 1st runner-up at Miss Eco Universe 2015, also first runner-up at World Super Model 2015 and won the Miss Capital City’s of the World in 2015.
Last year she was one of the girls who entered the first Miss World Netherlands pageant organized by Katia Maes. Although really busy to finish her studies in broadcasting she tries her luck again this year. as she is 25, this will probably one of the last times we will see her in a national beauty pageant in the Netherlands.
Her international experience and her many fans all over the world could make her a great Miss World Netherlands.

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