Will she be Miss World Netherlands 2017?

news 14 jul 2017
Will she be Miss World Netherlands 2017?

Will she become Miss World Netherlands 2017?

Bente Vrieling

In 2016, when Bente Vrieling was just 17 years old, she participated at the Miss TT festival 2016 beauty pageant. She  became 1st runner-up but Robin of 12 Months one Beauty, who was one of the judges, was very impressed with her skills and beauty so he gave her a wild card for the Miss Grand Netherlands 2017 pageant. She was very surprised and could hardly believe that she would be a beauty queen at one of the most importants national pageants in the Netherlands.
But she took the challenge with both hands and more and more she became a confident and very strong contender for the Miss Grand Netherlands 2017 crown. At the finals she impressed everybody in the audience and those who watched the life stream with her speech on the Stop the War and Violence campaign of Miss Grand International.
Bente is 18 years old, lives in Assen and is studying legal administrative services in Groningen. She was very happy when she was asked to enter the Miss World Netherlands 2017 pageant and was even more surprised when she became one of the finalists.
Bente could well be the winner of the crown of Miss World Netherlands 2017. She can dance very well, has a great face with strong features and is willing to learn more and more and more….


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