10 Questions for…. Cas Winters

10 Questions for…. Cas Winters

Cas Winters won the second Mister International Netherlands pageant, will be the third man to represent the Netherlands at the Mister International pageant and he is the fourth Mister International Netherlands. So, will he be the first to win…??
Last year, Michael Glenn did not go to the pageant due to VISA and ticket problems.
The pageant started in 2006 and in 2008 the Netherlands were represented for the first time and Mister Netherlands Vincent Cleuren did a great job by becoming 4rd runner-up. In 2010 it was Harjot Singh Sidhu who was the last man to represent the Netherlands at this pageant.

Who is cas Winters, how is he preparing…??

We asked him 10 questions….


Who is Cas Winters and what are the 3 words that describe you best?
Respectful, Laid-back and Down to earth (thats actually more than 3 words…but you get my point). I’m a stressless, easy-going dude, who respects the views of others and insist they respect mine back

What made you decide to enter the pageant and how was it to compete?
I got a invitation of the Dutch national director of Mister International, to do auditions for the competition. I was very honored because I was aware of the competition the year before, unfortunately then I was too late to participate. So the message was a pleasant surprise for me and I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to work my way up. The competition was a great experience. I gained so much knowledge in the world of pageantry and met so much inspiring people on the way up. In addition I met a lot of great motivated guys with the same ambitions and aspirations as mine. All in all, the journey was spectacular, but I know its just starting…

How did you prepare for the national pageant and how will you prepare for the international pageant?
Actually I didn’t prepare a lot, other then always improving myself, day-in… day-out. I always paid attention during the training and workshops and applied them to my personal life. I knew that if you wanted to win, you needed to be yourself. So thats what I did… I improved myself, in every way possible.

Besides your height, what will be your best asset to win the international pageant? What do you have to work on the most?
I think my greatest asset is my acceptance for other people, that I always stay humble for everybody and my ability inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential.
The thing I need to work the most on, is my public speaking, as I tend to be a bit nervous in front of great crowds.

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One of your first duties as Mister International Netherlands 2015 was judging Miss Beauty and Teen of Utrecht. How was that, and did you have any eye-openers from the other side of the judging table?
It was very fun for me. I mean who wouldn’t want to judge beautiful women? I found out that it was really difficult to judge them, because they were all doing such a great job and looking so beautiful. I think I fell in love, like 29 times that evening.

What will you tell the other contestants at Mister International about the Netherlands that makes you proud to be dutch?
I will tell them all, great things about our country. The freedom we have here, to do and say anything we want(within the laws of course). The great opportunities our government offers us, to be the best we can be. Our healthcare system, educational system and many other things. And of course, our cheese!

The last few years the dutch guys do very well at the international pageants. What do you think is the cause of this success?
There are many factors I believe. One of which is that we are a multicultural society that offers many possible varieties of mixed-race people. Also the people in the Netherlands can invest, next to their school/job, a lot of free-time into the things that they really like. That way, a person can develop itself to a much greater extend and can become internationally recognizedimage1 © Johan Vos 2015

What part of Mister International 2015 do you look forward to the most and why?
The thing I look forward to the most is just to travel. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and explore different parts of the world. In addition, I’m looking forward in meeting the other Misters and having a great time together. Also I’m very curious about the Filipino cuisine haha.

What is your live’s slogan and how does it implement in your lifestyle?
“A healthy body is a happy body…Happiness makes confidence… Confidence is the key to success”
So start by making your body healthy and the rest will follow…

What about Cas Winters in 10 years ?
I have no idea. I don’t worry too much about the future. I taught myself not to live in the future. I live today, in the moment… with open arms I grasp the opportunities in front of me and make the best of the day. After that I will see where the road of life will take me.

Thanks Cas for taking the time to answer these 10 questions, we wish you all the best of luck during the preperations and the international finals later this year.
We would also like to thanks Lyron, the national director of Mister International the Netherlands.

photocredits: F. Westerhof, Dendy Oktariady, Johan Vos

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