10 questions for Miss Earth Netherlands 2020, Tessa Le Conge

10 questions for Miss Earth Netherlands 2020, Tessa Le Conge

Because of the Corona crisis not much is known about the international pageants. In The Netherlands the national pageants all have made statements on how they will select their delegates.
Miss Earth Netherlands has been selected by the Miss Beauty of The Netherlands Team.

Tessa le Conge is the lucky girl who will wear the Miss Earth Netherlands crown. She already won the Miss Asia Pacific pageant back in 2016. So for Tessa it is her second international pageant and her first grand slam pageant.



We asked Tessa 10 question

Who is Tessa le Conge?

A positive, bubbly and all smiles hardworking girl! I’m a 26 years young Communication advisor and national trampoline gymnast. In 2014 I proudly got my Bachelor in Communications and in 2016 I entered pageantry. And wow am I thankful I took that chance! I’m the kind of person who always wants to help other people, in every way possible. It makes me happy. 

You are very well known in the dutch and international pageant world. What is the one thing we do not know about you yet?

Even though I am an open book ofcourse there are some things not everybody knows. Let start two fun facts that I am a hopeless romantic and superscared of horror movies. One got me scared in my own house for over a year haha! One other thing most people don’t know, is that I had surgery on my stomach multiple times. Let’s say it’s my weak spot since I was little. For example I only have one working kidney. Right now I am off medicin and healthy again, so I am very thankful for that.

What is the thing you bring from your previous victory as Miss API, you will take to Miss Earth, to ensure your second victory?

During my time as Miss Asia Pacific International, I grew so much as a person. Both in personality and experience. With MAPI, I was not constantly busy with winning the crown. For me the experience, learning and growing together with the other girls and being able to give something back in return to communities was so much more worth to me. Winning MAPI was literally the crown on my adventure. As I am older now, I also grew even more. So I will bring experience, intelligence and gratitude back to Miss Earth. Always remembering the crown should me most of all on your heart. That is how you win hearts and hopefully a second victory. 

Many beauty queens use their social media to be an influencer; how would you use your social media to influence other people?

Social media can be such a powerful source, especially in times like these where we are home more than ever. In my opinion social media plays a huge part of creating awareness of what’s happening to our planet. I’m doing my best to make people aware of what is happening right now and what we can do about it, in way that is recognizable for people. Letting them see the results of our activities and on the other hand, showing the possible solutions.

How would you describe your Earth Angel?

As an approachable shining light. Bringing positivity and strength when and where most needed. Representing not only our country, but every woman standing on stage of Miss Earth 2020. Having the confidence and willingsness to lead people to action regarding environmental issues, especially during these times of the pandemic. I believe we are able to transform from this crisis in a way that defines a greener earth.

During the lockdown, what did you learn about preserving the earth?

For the first time we and the Earth are facing a pandemic with so many effects. During the worldwide Covid’19 crisis you could see what happened to our earth. What happened because of less pollution, less cars and less plans. The earth was recovering. This made us very clear again what our role is in destroying the earth.

What I’ve learned is that we are able to transform from this crises with new compassion and change of bad ecological habits.  Building a greener economy by sharing ideas that could help us build regenerative cultures once our economy starts up again. Like connect more, travel less. Moving our work online could drastically minimize the need for greenhouse gas/wasteproducting conferences and business travel. Its so easy, everybody already can see what is currently happening because of doing this! Or what about gardening more from home. Gardens are being plannend and food waste is down. We have new appreciation for those who stock our grocery shelves and what it means to get food onto our plates. 

From our losses, there will be scars, but from our experience there may be new cultures that define a healthier greener earth.

What is your hashtag in life?

I think ‘Gift’ describes it well. Everything you go through in life, every person you meet, every culture you experience is a gift in a way. Whether it’s positive or negative, in the end of day it is a gift anyway, because it forms you and helps you grow as a person. Your dreams are valid, your opinions are valid, YOU are valid!

What would you tell young people about participating in a beauty pageant?

Participating in a beautypageant is so much more than glitter and glamour. It is about learning the important life skills, where gaining confidence is a bonus. It get’s you out of your comfort zone where you are able to develop yourself as a person. From a girl to a confident woman. Besides that you gain friends, good times and many memorable moments that will last longer than a crown. So take this opportunity with both hands and enjoy the ride!

What message do you have for your many fans around the world?

Because of my time in pageantry, I met so many amazing people from around the world. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for inspiring and motivating me everyday. The support is overwhelming and making me even more grateful and willing to show everyone’s dreams are valid and what you can do in return. A grateful heart is speaking.

The 10th question is a new segment.

We will ask you a (final) question from a grand slam pageant.

Your question is the final question for the top 5 of Miss Universe 1981:

If you could be offered the right to have one wish come true, not for the world, but for you personally, what would that wish be?

My wish would be to be remembered as someone who brought light to a dark room. No matter how big or small the action would be. If you’re able to make someone smile everyday of your life, I think you’re a very rich person. Having a bright, shining light in your heart.

We would like to thank Tessa and her team for all information and for taking the time to answer these 10 question.
We wish you all the best of luck at the 
upcoming Miss Earth pageant and the preparations.


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