10 Questions for Miss Earth Netherlands and Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2019, Nikki Prein

10 Questions for Miss Earth Netherlands and Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2019, Nikki Prein

Nikki is already at the Philippines to represent our country at the Miss Earth pageant when we publish these 10 questions.
Blonde bombshell Nikki is the third Miss Beauty of The Netherlands to represent The Netherlands at this prestigious pageant. Last year the beautiful Margaretha de Jong became a top 12 finalist while in 2017, Faith made it to the top 8. So Nikki has a hard act to follow.
From the moment Nikki was crowned Miss Beauty of Gelderland she was the one to beat at the Miss Beauty of The Netherlands finals. But she proofed to be unbeatable and win it all.

But who is Nikki? we asked her 10 questions.

Who is Nikki Prein?
I am 21 years old and I’m from the beautiful province Gelderland. I studied hotel and hospitality management and know I am working as a manager in a theme park for young children. I want to be an inspiration for young children and show them how to preserve and restore our mother earth. 

My hobbies are different kinds of sports and traveling. I already traveled to more than 25 countries. The most special journey was to Abu Dhabi, when I represented the Netherlands as hostess. Since I became the best hostess of the Netherlands in 2017. My friends and family mean a lot to me. Caring, loving but also dedicated and a hardworking person that is what I am. 

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
It was always a dream to join a pageant and I followed Miss Beauty of the Gelderland and Miss Beauty of the Netherlands already for a very long time. One day I had a message from Bjorn van Schomberg that he scouted for Miss Beauty of Gelderland. That was the moment when I thought, ok now I MUST sign up!! And I did. Since the beginning, I always wanted to go for the title Miss Earth, because my family and I are always looking for ways to preserve and restore our mother earth. This title is close to my heart.

In the national pageant you also won the title Miss Charity award. How did you manage to win the title, and can you tell us something more about the charity?
The charity is raising money for families in the Netherlands who don’t have a lot of money. They surprise these families with gift cards, so the money will always end up in the right way. The organization finds are important that the money in spend for the family but also for the kids.

I think that this is an amazing charity and I really wanted to help. That is why I was really dedicated to raise a lot of money. I talked to several businesspeople, held a few actions and that all together helped me raise a lot of money! 

Why do you think the judges chose you to be the winner?
From the beginning I have always been myself and showed my true colors. What I also showed is how dedicated I am. The whole time I gave everything I have. Since the beginning, I showed that my goal was to win the crown and that I wanted to represent the Netherlands in the Philippines. In the time between the coronation night of Gelderland and the coronation night of the Netherlands, I worked out a lot to get the body that I have now. I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot because I was willing to do all and to become the best version of myself.

How do you prepare for the international pageant? What do you have to work the most on?
Preparation is important, and I am doing as much as I can. I prepare myself by getting make up lessons of Ryan Sheikrojan, catwalk training by Reggie Henriquez and Q&A training by our national director Milou Verhoeks. I did several photoshoots and I worked out a lot on my body, but I also focus on my mind. The mind is important to keep focus.

Of course, you want to win the Miss Earth title, but which element of Miss Earth (earth, water, fire or air) suits you best and why?
It would be a great honor to win a crown, but I think that I would say earth. Our mother earth provides us of so many recourses and we must be grateful for that. I want to be an inspiration for the people, but especially the children in how to preserve and restore our mother earth.

What are you looking forward to most, in the international pageant, and whyI am really looking forward to everything, but especially to meet all the other delegates for Miss Earth 2019. What I also am really looking forward to is to meet the Philippine people and to get to know their culture and beautiful country, they always say ‘’it is more fun in the Philippines’’ so I am really curious!

What will you tell the other contestants about The Netherlands and how we deal with environmental issues?
What I would tell is that I am proud to represent our country, not only because it is beautiful but also because the Netherlands is a progressive country in high tech environmental solutions. The best example for that is our true environmentalist boyan slat. He invented a passing drifting system which aims to clean up our oceans.

What makes you a typical Dutch woman and how will you use that in the international pageant?
What makes me typically Dutch is not only that I am blond and have blue eyes, but also that I am a woman who is herself and will always be herself. We are down to earth people and respect each other. By staying myself during the international pageant I think I will have a great provide, because they will notice when you are acting like someone you are not

What about Nikki in 10 years?
In 10 years, I hope to be a role model for the younger generation and educate them in how to preserve and restore our Mother Earth. I hope that I can keep inspiring and motivating others to act. The most amazing thing will be if I am able to say that I became Miss Earth 2019. What I also hope is that in 10 years I have travelled all around the world. That I have seen a lot of countries, but also got to know several cultures and people.

Nikki, thank you so much for your time, it has been a busy time for you but you did it! We are sure you will make a big impression in the Philippines!
Also thank you a lot and a lot of succes to team Miss Beauty!



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